Review of Boy From School Single by Hot Chip

Hot Chip
Boy From School

Hot Chip Boy From School Single

'Boy From School'!? No, it's not another Gary Glitter headline. It's the new single from Hot Chip. And it's a doozy.

Following in true Hot Chip tradition, it's another laid-back-electro-pop. True to form and catchier than a jamster ringtone, 'Boy From School' follows very much where 'Over and Over' left off. Full of the kinda pop hooks and rich synth ambience that you'd expect from a New Order gig. With elements that could've been borrowed from artists ranging from Daft Punk to Aphex Twin whilst stopping off at Thom Yorks house for a cuppa tea and a bourbon. This is another great track that's been well and truly branded with the Hot Chip sound.

Something about this single feels almost subconscious. Slipping into your mind by osmosis and leaving you feeling a sense of blissful melancholy. Ahhhhhhh.

Thom Holmes

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