Review of Over and Over Single by Hot Chip

Hot Chip
Over and Over
Single Review

Hot Chip Over and Over Single

What to say…erm…the title says it all. This is a catchy tune. And I've been listening to it…you guessed it, 'Over and Over'. With a style comparable to that of LCD Soundsystem, and even some Gang of Four remixes, Hot Chip are the epitome of today's electro-smothered-indie-rock-pop. Finally giving the scene something to shout about, and could possibly save the senses of the charts and its current state of melancholy acoustic boredom.

I wouldn't be surprised to hear this tune following something like the Futureheads, nor would it be out of place in a good Breakbeat set. A great offering. I look forward to hearing more from these guys with thee release of their 2nd album, 'The Warning' in May. Eno would be proud…Infact if you know him, ask him what he thinks about Hot Chip…let me know what he says.

Thom Holmes

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