Review of House With No Home Album by Horse Feathers

Album review for 'House With No Home' by Horse Feathers released on Touch & Go.

Horse Feathers House With No Home Album

Horse Feathers combine the hooks of Bon Iver delivered with Americana harmonies of Iron and Wine rather than the solo delivery of Bon Iver and just for good measure add a good dose of The Shins.

Lead vocalist Justic Ringle's vocals are delightfully melancholic, evocative and beautiful. Throughout the album, there's an extraordinary power. 'Curs In The Weeds' is truly gorgeous, it's an easy track to sink into, complete with a perfect melody and a wonderfully placed cello. The transition into the next track couldn't be more enjoyable, 'Rude To Rile' will take you on a floating ride to somewhere in your dreams. 'Heathen's Kiss' is truly great, and brings me back to Iron and Wine, Sam Beam hasn't written a song with this beauty in a long time.

If sometimes you feel lost in this huge world of singer song-writers, this album might just get you back on track, it's beautifully balanced with guitar, cello and vocals and not to forget it's gorgeous.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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