Review of Racy Album by Hooray For Earth

Hooray For Earth originate from Boston, but the quintet now base themselves in New York.  Their debut album 'True Loves' was released in 2011 and saw them get airplay in the UK on Radio 1's playlist, but it was not the launch pad to stardom that would have been hoped for.  Now they return with their second full-length release, 'Racy'.

Hooray For Earth Racy Album

Despite being based in NYC, any assumption that HFE are aligned to recent successes from the area are wide of the mark - there is no attempt to ride on the coattails of the likes of The Strokes or Interpol.  The focus here is on distorted, electro-rock riffs, though the opening 'Hey' is something of a curveball that misses the target.  'Keys' bounces along nicely enough, while 'Say Enough' chimes brightly with a heavily synthesised soundscape.  The title track is an intriguing indie-ballad that burns slowly but satisfyingly.  There is a dark undertone that carries into the atmosphere of 'Last, First' which is then lifted into a feeling of optimism.  It results in a varied listen even within the confines of a single track, though this is not to suggest this is mind-blowing material.  Indeed, it actually results in momentum being created and lost in fairly equal measure.  With that in mind, it is a relief that 'Happening' has a more conventional arrangement and is all the better for it, as a solid rock and roll number.  More like this and the result would have been a much more accessible release, instead of something which at times gets too disjointed when you're on the verge of being charmed.


Alex Lai

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