Honor Blackman thinks Daniel Craig is a better James Bond than Sir Sean Connery.

The 89-year-old actress played Bond girl Pussy Galore opposite Connery in 1964 film 'Goldfinger' but for her Craig has brought more to the role in his three films than original 007 Connery ever did.

Commenting on Craig's interpretation of Bond - which will be seen again in new movie 'Spectre' - she said: ''I'm sorry to say he's a better actor - but I think Sean would acknowledge that. I think Dan is terrific. He's capable of so much more.''

Comparing the two actors' portrayals, Honor added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Sean was perfection as Bond only as IAN FLEMING wrote it. He was a Mr Universe entrant, he was handsome and very, very, sexy and had that ridiculous accent.

''Now it's no longer like Ian Fleming, it's more like 'The Bourne Identity'. It's a different kind of film. But that doesn't make any difference to the fact they're super films and Daniel is probably the best actor that ever played Bond.''

Honor - who turns 90 this year and is the oldest living actress to have played a Bond girl - has also entered the debate as whether a black actor should portray Bond.

The actress believes ethnicity shouldn't be an obstacle to being cast as the suave spy because the film franchise is now very different to Ian Fleming's James Bond novels which created the iconic character.

However, Honor is adamant the leading man must be ''very attractive''.

She said: ''I think he (Bond) can be anything he likes. Why can't he be a black man? You have to be a good actor and you've got to be a very ­attractive man - that's half the battle - otherwise you can't play Bond.''