LA pop duo Holychild thrilled fans in Washington, DC when they returned for a small (though still heaving) show at the Rock & Roll Hotel this summer (July 15th 2015) to deliver a sparkling set of their vibrant tunes for the FIAT 500Xclusive Concert Series. The concert was free of charge - all fans had to do was RSVP and they were in!

Holychild promo 1Holychild go back to their first headline venue

There's been a flurry of excitement this year over the release of Holychild's debut album 'The Shape of Brat Pop To Come' via Glassnote Records, so it's no wonder so many Brat-Poppers jumped at the chance to see this unique pair for free. Co-produced by the band's synth-player Louie Diller alongside Grammy winners Greg Wells and Cian Riordan (who have previously worked with Katy Perry and Mini Mansions respectively), the album features 12 epic numbers - including the ones you already had stuck in your head.

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One of those is undoubtedly 'Money All Around', which they delivered in their dynamic FIAT performance. There's a dreamy element to this one with its soaring synths and ethereal harmonies, swiftly engulfed by some of the catchiest pop you will hear all year, and it happens to be as alternative as it is accessible. It's the B-side to previous single 'Running Behind', which will be familiar to everyone as the song on the Apple Watch advert, and was memorably remixed by producer RAC; a re-work that received instant critical acclaim.

Watch the FIAT500Xclusive live video for 'Money All Around' here:

Next the crowd got their groove on to another sing-a-long beat; the heavy but steady bassline of 'Happy With Me'. A thoroughly addictive, upbeat number that certainly plastered smiles on everyone's faces and is one track on their album where Diller's previous work in Cuba doing Afro-Cuban drumming really shines through. It's a song that brought them their first taste of recognition upon its release in 2013, and one which has since been streamed over 1 million times. It went to number one on Hype Machine's Popular Charts and became one of Billboard's artists to watch by 2014, when their 'Mindspeak' EP was released. 

Watch the FIAT500Xclusive live video for 'Happy With Me' here:

That wasn't the only nostalgic moment of the show, however, as this wasn't the first time they've performed at the Rock & Roll Hotel. 'It's so serendipitous to be here', says singer Liz Nistico. 'This was our first time headlining and it was so magical, the vibe was so amazing and so it's crazy to be back here now.' Holychild first met when they went to college together at George Washington University in D.C. back in 2011. Nistico was teaching a modern dance class, and Diller acted as the musical accompaniment, and it wasn't long before their creativity bonded over tongue-in-cheek lyrics and irresistible hooks.

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They have just finished a North American summer tour and are gearing up to embark on an Autumn trip alongside Ohio indie four-piece Walk The Moon - and dates are already selling out! 'Touring is definitely a rollercoaster', ponders Diller. 'I think I love how intense it is; the highs are so high, the lows are so low. Your body, your mind, your soul is just pushed to the limit.' And speaking of limits, October 10th will also see Holychild hit up Austin City Limits where they'll be playing the Barton Springs stage with the likes of Ryn Weaver, MisterWives and Bassnectar. 

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'We are on the road a lot right now', Nistico admits. 'This year it's been half the year so far, I think it's going to be pretty much most of the rest of the year now too.'

Holychild promo 2The duo are touring even more over the Fall this year