Review of Swan Songs Album by Hollywood Undead

Review of Hollywood Undead's album Swan Song.

Hollywood Undead Swan Songs Album

If you have an uncontrollable urge to listen to 5 masked men rapping and singing like the backstreet boys with the poignant and thought provoking topics of drinking until they puke, banging sluts and slitting their wrists for attention, set to a backdrop of heavy metal guitars, then I know the perfect album to satiate your musical hunger.

This collection of crap metal rap songs is pretty shallow and cheesy and I couldn't help feeling that these guys are trying extra hard to be cool, but failing in a quite a hilarious manner. The fact that these guys are wearing masks and sporting aliases such as J-Dog, Charlie Scene, Funny man, Johnny 3 Tears, Deuce and Da Kurlzz just cracked me up.

The masks are handy for two things, firstly concealing the embarrassment that these wannabe gangster scenesters feel when ambling onto the stage and secondly for preventing their moms realising what they're up to.

This album will undoubtedly be a favourite with the Emo self harmers that grace the dimly lit stairways around art galleries and graveyards, but I don't think it will be getting much spin time on my stereo. Two words come to mind. ha and yawn. Leave the mask wearing metal to Slipknot, they wipe the floor with this bunch of whining, pubeless band wagon passengers.

Rating 2/10

Rory Taylor

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