Apparently style of dress becomes more appropriate as the day wears on, because Holly Willoughby's painstakingly selected skirt was dubbed too short for daytime TV ahead of her appearance on 'This Morning'. Just when you thought the world was moving on from sexist ideas.

Holly Willoughby at the ITV studiosHolly Willoughby at the ITV studios

The 37-year-old presenter had chosen a checked mini with a ruffled front teamed with white ankle boots and a navy turtleneck; ultra stylish as usual. But, unfortunately, that's not the look that viewers saw on the following show as stylist Angie Smith was forced to re-jig the outfit.

'The one that got away', Holly reposted from the wardrobe assistant on Instagram, along with a hashtag reading: Too short for 'This Morning'.

In the end, Holly ended up in a different striped navy turtleneck, red boots and a denim mini skirt that actually looked no different from the original outfit. In fact, if anything, it even looks a little shorter, despite the more conservative style.

'Goooood morning Tuesday!' She captioned the final outfit. 'Today's look on 'This Morning'. Top by Marks and Spencer, skirt by Topshop, boots by And Other Stories [and] necklace by Missoma London.'

Judging by the similarities between the two looks, one can't help but wonder if someone was trying to make a point with the outfit change. Nonetheless, many fans agreed that the first skirt was too short, though most were confused by the similar length of the second and suggested that Holly was trying to cover the length with props on her lap.

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But this is a world where we should be celebrating women's bodies, rather than shaming them for them. Sexualisation is the only reason why an outfit change would be needed after all, and this situation comes as women everywhere are currently fighting to change how men see them, and how they see each other.