TV presenter Holly Willoughby is riding high at the top of career with telly gigs including This Morning, Celebrity Juice and the new series of Dancing on Ice. Now, the star has revealed her secret for looking good and it seems surprisingly simple - a scoop of dried milk in the bath.

Holly WilloughbyThe TV star has revealed her unusual beauty secret

The 36-year-old said she likes to relax in a bath of milk powder to keep her skin soft and radiant after being recommended the treatment by beauty entrepreneur, Liz Earle.

Of the unusual technique, Holly said: "I got told quite a weird trick by Liz Earle once. She came on This Morning and she made a milk bath for Mother's Day... she got that old-school dried milk powder (like your nan used to bring on holiday to put in your tea) and dried rose petals covered in lots of rose and lavender essential oils, and mixed in with the milk powder.

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"Then you just take a scoop and put it in to make a milky bath - it's so soft!"

The mum-of-three is in good company as it has been suggested Egyptian Queen Cleopatra used to employ a similar beauty regime; however, using asses milk widely available at the time.

The star also admitted she wears minimal make-up, preferring an all-purpose cream to a heavy foundation.

She said: "I like a BB cream if I'm going out, I don't really like having a lot of stuff on my skin. I can't bear that powdered feeling.

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"Then I just use eyelash curlers and mascara."

Holly, whose children are aged between eight and three, revealed another key to her healthy glow - plenty of rest.

She said: "I sleep really well and I go to bed relatively early. If I'm not going out, or working, or have plans, I'll be in bed at 9pm, with lights out by 9.30pm. I am half woman, half sloth!

"I think the thing my husband loves about me the most is that I can just sleep. If I just sat here and shut my eyes, I would fall asleep in about ten minutes."