Holly Willoughby has reportedly netted a £200,000 per annum pay increase from ITV, after recent claims asserted that she was earning nearly a third less for her work on ‘This Morning’ than her male co-host, Philip Schofield.

She and Philip have been working together on ‘This Morning’ for eight years now, but the latest reports suggested that she had been earning significantly less than Schofield for all this time - £400k to his £600k.

The pair are currently negotiating salaries with ITV to host the upcoming re-booted series of ‘Dancing On Ice’, but the network realised they would be unable to pay both of them equally if they continued to pay Willoughby less for her work on ‘This Morning’, according to sources.

Holly WilloughbyHolly Willoughby is now getting paid the same as co-host Philip Schofield for 'This Morning'

“It seemed ridiculous they were going to get paid the same fee for 'Dancing on Ice' but Holly was lagging behind on ‘This Morning’. Quite rightly, that has now been rectified and they both earn exactly the same,” an insider told The Mirror on Thursday (August 24th).

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As a result, 36 year old Holly will be earning another £200,000 for her work on ‘Dancing On Ice’, the same as Schofield, when it returns in 2018.

It comes soon after the BBC published its list of all its stars who earn £150,000 or more, to be met with outrage that most of its very highest-paid stars are male. Chris Evans topped the list with £2.2 million netted every year, whereas ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ presenter Claudia Winkleman was the highest-paid female with only £500,000.

“Of the talent earning over £150,000 – two thirds are men and one third are women. Is that where we want to be? No. Are we pushing further and faster than any other major broadcaster? Most certainly,” BBC head Lord Hall said at the time.

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