Holly Willoughby reportedly passed out after "downing an entire litre bottle of tequila", with her co-host Phillip Schofield this week. The duo were appearing on Alan Carr's 'Chatty Man' show when the mother-of-two polished off a bottle 100 per cent Agave tequila, reports the UK's Metro newspaper.
Her co-presenter Phillip later added a photograph of the after-effects on Twitter, showing Holly laid face down on a table with the bottle close by. The caption read, "This was the end". He had previously posted a shot of the pair posing with Alan Carr on the set of the late night talk show, adding, "This was the beginning". Holly had requested the Mexican spirit in advance as she had apparently heard it didn't leave a hangover the next day - she had to film a live broadcast of 'This Morning' the following day. Schofield appeared to be worse for wear too, tweeting fans, "Finished recording the interview with hollywills for @AlanCarr on Friday's chattyman .. On my way home ...p***ed .tequilaexperiment". The comedian tweeted back, "Schofe and Holly said on chattyman that if you drink Tequila all night you don't get a hangover - lies damn lies!!!!! Ha ha x".
Despite Phillip and Alan's comments, Holly has since taken to Twitter to reassure her fans, saying, "For the record... That tequila pic was a joke?... But I did eat a few of the crisps! X"