Review of Mind Chaos Album by Hockey

Review of Hockey's album Mind Chaos.

Hockey Mind Chaos Album

It would be easy to pigeon hole Hockey after hearing debut single and album opener Too Fake. With the smokey, gravely vocals of Julian Casablancas and the electro tinged dance beats of Boston outfit LCD Soundsystem, you would expect the rest of the album to follow suit. Debut album Mind Chaos however is a far more eclectic offering than that, those same electro beats are later joined by 80s synth , folk guitars and harmonicas to form an album that wears the colours of its influences firmly on its sleeves. Too Fake's opening is almost identical to that of The Raptures - House of Jealous Lovers but that doesn't take away from a pulsating 4 minute romp that brims with attitude and flair never more prominent than with its lyrics 'I've got too much soul for the world/I've got to much soul for you/it hurts me but its true'.

If any song on Mind Chaos is going to propel Hockey into the mainstream then Song Away is the one to do it, a track that couldn't be more commercial if it tried, its Springsteen style opening lyrics of 'this is small time music this is big time music' are followed by a Killers esque synth powered anthemic chorus that wouldn't sound out of place over the ending credits of a John Hughes film.

Four Holy Photos provides a welcome break from the constant surges of energy encountered when listening to Mind Chaos, featuring harmonicas as well as a hint of a banjo its laid back country folk style seems like the ideal home for the voice of singer Benjamin Grubin.

Despite the success stories, it isn't all plain sailing on the good ship Mind Chaos, the keyboard and acoustic guitar jaunt of 'Work' never seems to get going and only seem to succeed in stifling momentum. Similarly Put the game down and Everyone's the same age provide a damp finish to an up until then exciting and varied collection of songs. But with a collection of potential smash hit singles and dance floor fillers at their disposal as well as being an impressive live act, this Oregon four piece might just prove to be a buzz band worth believing in.


Sam Marland

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