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Extreme Behavior
Album Review

Hinder Extreme Behavior Album

Hinder try to base themselves with some of the other known rockers, such as the mighty Guns n' Roses, and try to demonstrate their own style and interpretation to what can only be classed as American Rock! The band's been together since 2001 and are set for their new album release.

There is something about American bands and gritty, gravel like vocals. Hinder are no exception to this and it does seem like if you didn't know any better then you would come to the assumption that they have just carried on from where Nickelback left off. Lets be honest though that is no great thing, especially when you consider that Single Photograph. Unfair to label Hinder with this, maybe we will see in the eyes of the new album titled Extreme Behavior. 'Get Stoned' is a good start and you get a sense of promise with it. 'Austin Winkler' really does give a 110% gravely vocal performance that gives you the sense that if he did that for a gig, surely his throat would be knackered. The album just seems full of mediocre tracks all the way through with 'How Long and By The Way'. More than halfway through and the only song that stood out and that wasn't overly is still the first track with 'Get Stoned', and you get the feeling, was this a subliminal message? Is that the best way to listen to this? 'Better Than Me' makes the attempt to be a massive ballad like track, and at times it does make you wonder who are the people signing these bands up. It could be said that the rest of the album pitters out, but it never really started on a high to set itself up for a fall. This just seems like that it has all been done before, there was only ever room for one band and lets face it they didn't doing that well and you could debate that they didn't do it that great either. The best thing about this album is the hot chick on the cover!

If it does not work out for Hinder however, they would make a spot on tribute band for you know who! No not flaming Voldamort (bloody Harry Potter fans) Nickelback. Harsh, nasty, unfair maybe or maybe not.

Mark Moore

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