If any proof were needed that the jubilation of four years ago when Barack Obama was first elected US President hasn’t quite been reciprocated this time round, then just have a look at how hard Hillary Clinton’s struggling to stay awake during one of his speeches.

MSN captured the video of Obama’s secretary of state creeping away for a few Z’s during his Myanmar address this week, Clinton doing her best to stay alert but unable to give in to the oncoming dimming of the sense that signals sleep. We don’t blame her; Obama’s voice has a rich, deep tone that is quite soporific, and if the room was slightly warm too? Well, we’ve all been there. That said, it didn’t look so good given that she was sitting front and center of the audience alongside Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, who – as MSN wittily pointed out – knows something about being bored after years of house arrest.

Amusingly though this isn’t the first time a Clinton’s been caught having a nap in public; we found this video on Youtube which shows former President Bill Clinton struggling to be roused a preacher’s Martin Luther King speech, the former ruler of the free world not even able to take charge of his own sleep pattern. Dinner round the Clintons must be a hoot these days.

Watch Hillary's battle against the snooze: