Hilary Swank considered casting herself in 'Something Borrowed'.

The Oscar-winning actress - who alongside production partner Molly Mickler Smith created the movie version of the book, starring Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin - thought about appearing in the movie until she saw the screenplay and thought someone else would be better.

She said: "Reading the book, I thought, 'Is this going to be something that I'm going to want to be in?'

"We didn't start a production company just for vehicles for me to act in. We just want to be able to tell great stories that we love and that move us.

"When the first draft of the screenplay came in, I just didn't see myself in the role. That happens. I get offered scripts and I see somebody else in it, and that's what happened here."

However Hilary did not have an easy time convincing Kate to be in "another romantic comedy".

She told Collider.com: "We were so lucky. Kate was like, 'I don't know if I want to do another romantic comedy,' before she even read it, and we were like, 'Just read this. It's different.'

"Being an actor myself, I know that you can be pigeonholed. I think Kate is a great dramatic actress, and I think she's a comedic actress. I don't think she gets as much opportunity to do drama as she does comedy, but I think she has the chops to do both."