Writer Hilary Mantel has been enjoying a continued fallout of success after her second novel in a planned trilogy of Tudor books, Bring Up the Bodies, won the Booker Prize - her second, the first being won by the first of the trilogy, Wolf Hall. Since then the BBC have expressed an interest in making a mini-series, and now the Royal Shakespeare Company plan to bring the story to the stage.

The era Mantel's novels are set in is spot on for the RSC who specialise in Shakespeare's plays. Revolving around Oliver Cromwell (Henry VIII's right hand man), during the 16th Century, just before the time of Shakespeare's own life, the RSC couldn't be better suited for Mantel's creations.

Mike Poulton is on board to adapt the book to a play form, a man credited for "The Canterbury Tales" and "Morte d'Arthur,", and Jeremy Herrin in the Swan theatre . With Herrin and Poulton at the wheel, Wolf Hall is bound to be excellent. The next set of queries about the play, besides who'll be adapting and directing it, is who will be starring? According to the Guardian, RSC's artistic director, Gregory Doran, has someone very particular in mind but wont reveal who that person is. Expect to see the adaptations in theatres this coming December.