Hilary Duff Child‘All About You’ is the track that summer needed

Since ‘Chasing the Sun’ wasn’t received like it could have been, can the new track, ‘All About You,’ get the attention Duff is looking for? ‘All About You’ clocks in at a perfect length of just under three minutes, and its got a powerhouse writing team featuring Savan Kotecha, Kristian Lundin, and Carl Falk. The writer list alone tells you all you need to know about the song, as these guys are famous for crafting the catchiest songs imaginable - and ‘All About You’ certainly lives up to that, as well. Billboard calls it “the winning comeback bid that Duff fans were hoping to hear,” while Time says “it packs the kind of rowdy punch required to get a comeback really cooking.”

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Featuring a folk-tinge with a singalong chorus that mirrors the best of Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne, ‘All About You’ is clearly the true comeback single that Duff needed to earn a spot back on the Top 40. Whether ‘Tattoo’ comes next or not, it’s evident that her album coming this fall shouldn’t be met with skepticism. Duff is back, and she’s definitely here to stay.