Hilary Duff thinks cheese ''is the key to a happy life.''

The 27-year-old actress - who has three-year-old son Luca with estranged husband MIKE COMRIE - has admitted she is addicted to the creamy dairy product.

She told Shape magazine: ''It's a real problem. I can't say no to it. There's a cheese shop in Beverly Hills, and my car is like a magnet to it. Luca is crazy about it too. Love the cheese!''

The 'Younger' star also loves wine even though she thinks ''alcohol is a trigger to make bad choices'' and olive oil.

She said: ''I roast every vegetable I eat in olive oil because the flavour is so much better.

''I do cool things with snacks. My favourite is a Wasa cracker topped with avocado, radish, chia seeds, a little olive oil, some sea salt, lemon, and dill. That keeps my palate excited.''

The 'All About You' hitmaker insists most of her obsessions are food related, although she admits she is also ''a sucker for denim.''

She added: ''I probably own 30 pairs of jeans, but honestly I don't wear most of them. I rotate eight or nine pairs. My favourites are my Frame jeans with holes in the knees. They have a lot of stretch and cling to my legs.''