Hilary Duff has leapt to the defence of American First Daughter Jenna Bush, after she was criticised for her raunchy dance moves at a New York nightclub.

Bush was celebrating a friend's bachelorette party at hip club Nerveana when shots were taken of her down on all fours, showing off her thong as dancers looked on in disbelief.

And while the cameraman who took the snaps is hoping to publish the pictures on the internet, SO YESTERDAY singer Duff is standing in defence of Bush, daughter of President George W Bush.

She says, "I went to camp and Jenna Bush was a camp counsellor at my camp. She is such a nice girl. You just look at her and (see) she's nice.

"I think that she gets it 10 times harder than every other (23year-old) girl out there, 'cause her dad's the president. She should be able to have fun and do what she wants and not have people antagonising her.

09/04/2005 02:24