Review of Higamos Hogamos Album by Higamos Hogamos

Review of Higamos Hogamos self-titled debut album released through DC Recordings on 16th March 09.

Higamos Hogamos Higamos Hogamos Album

Higamos Hogamos is the creation of Steve Webster and Toby Jenkins, formerly of Black Neon (Webster), The Squire Of Somerton (Jenkins) and Fort Lauderdale (both). With that musical lineage you'd expect something special and that is exactly what this duo delivers with their self titled debut album.

It is a full on glittering glam-rock production fusing heavy base, electro synths and Krautrock. The album kicks off with Infinity Plus One, an upbeat psychedelic electro-pop number, followed by Black Forest Gateaux a slower, almost melodic meandering other worldly electro track. Their previous single, the two and a half minute instrumental Major Blitzkrieg, is a real stand out on the album. An industrial march of synths and drums a kin to Kraftwerk's Trans Europe Express days.

The whole album keeps you guessing, short two-three minute rock tinged electro-pop tunes interspersed with epic, almost prog-rock instrumentals. Songs like the seven minute Moto Neurono and the final track The Illuminoids, which gently builds into a captivating blend of soft synths, snare drums, guitar and yet more synths, leaving you wanting more.

The album has a real glam rock swagger to it and is refreshingly different to much of the music out there at the moment. Higamos Hogamos are clear about their influences and give an exuberant nod to all things that were great about Krautrock; Tangerine Dream, Harmonia and Kraftwerk, the love for all of them is there. Yet they somehow manage to not only bring the music up to date, it has a futuristic sound to it and I can already see the remixes hitting clubland this summer.

Rating: 9/10

Robyn Burrows

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