Review of Major Blitzkrieg Single by Higamos Hogamos

Review of Higamos Hogamos' single 'Major Blitzkrieg' released through DC recordings.

Higamos Hogamos Major Blitzkrieg Single

Higamos Hogamos is the new project of Steve Webster of Black Neon, Fort Lauderdale and Toby Jenkins of Zan Pan, The Squire of Somerton, and again Fort Lauderdale. Here we have 'Major Blitzkrieg' which is their debut single. Released on DC recordings, home to Depth Charge, Kelpe and The Emperor Machine to name.well.three, 'Major Blitzkrieg' is a sulty mix of yesteryear ideas, and analogue synth fuzz giving Hig Hog major dancefloor appeal. Lets see how they do it shall we.

J. Saul Kane, DC maestro, is onto a winner with these kids, and its clear to see why he's signed 'em. Glam rock hooks with a krautrock foundation makes for a great start to an even better sound. Unlike most releases 'Major Blitzkrieg' lives up to the press release.rare indeed. Lets hope the album follows suit.

Now the remixes.unfortunately are the usual. Vague likenesses here and there but just your run of the mill B-side remixes. Same old drum sounds, same old nothing special.

Keep an eye out for these guys touring later this year. And look out for their self-titled debut LP out on March 16th, should be worth the hype.

Thom Holmes

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