Punk icon Henry Rollins is stepping back in time to document the birth of America in a new history series.

The former Black Flag frontman has become a keen historian in recent years and regularly returns to his native Washington, D.C. to check out letters and documents at the National Archive.

And now he's turning his new interest into a docu-series.

He tells Wenn, "I just finished a lot of historical Tv stuff for one of the major Tv networks and it's very cool and it's gonna be great when it's all cut together. We're in like week five of this thing.

"It's about American history but our locations were quite amazing - two days at the National Archive and a day at the Library of Congress. We were looking at documents, plans, maps and blueprints where you're like, 'No way are my naked eyes looking at this piece of parchment!'

"I'm no expert on any history but I am quite fascinated. I am an enthusiastic amateur. It's a great story. America's history is really brief; it's full of a bunch of b**tards, a lot of crime, a lot of murder, tons of corruption, lots of adultery, hot chicks, poison, booze, guns. But it's a very brief history."

Rollins also dreams of one day fronting a Tv travel series, where he'll visit some of the world's trouble spots and hard to reach places.

He tells Wenn, "There's all these stories yet to be told... There are spots in Siberia I want to get to but nobody wants to come with me to play. We could do some really cool, adventurous stuff.

"There's places I'd like to get back to that I don't think would happen. Like, if I could get back to Kabul (Afghanistan) tomorrow and walk around and not get kidnapped or chopped up I would. If I could get to southern Pakistan I would. I'd like to get back into Iraq and places in central Africa.

"I'm sure you can get in; you can bootleg yourself in damn near anywhere but I'm not looking for that kind of adventure. I'm not a tough guy, I'm not looking to fight anyone, I'm not looking to escape with nine fingers and a story."