Punk icon Henry Rollins regrets not getting to know Oliver Stone earlier because the director would have cast him as the lead in Natural Born Killers if they had become friends before he made the movie.

The former Black Flag frontman reveals Stone has confirmed speculation suggesting Rollins would have been perfectly cast as psychotic Mickey Knox in the 1994 movie.

Rollins tells Wenn, "The worst ouch moment of my career was when Oliver Stone said publicly more than once, 'If I had met Henry Rollins before I shot Natural Born Killers, I would have cast him in the role I gave Woody Harrelson.'

"For the record, I thought Woody Harrelson was fantastic... but people started telling me and I read it a couple of times and then Oliver told me one night that it was true he had said that.

"It would have been great to have worked with Juliette Lewis and to have been a complete psycho... I love the film. It was a statement and I loved the way it was cut."