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The cast and crew of 'Man Of Steel' are interviewed about the making of the movie, the modernisation of the story and the ethics and emotions behind Superman as a character. Among them are producer Charles Roven, director Zack Snyder and lead actor Henry Cavill.

Russell Crowe, who plays Superman's biological father Jor-El, speaks of his admiration for Zack's ambition. 'One really interesting thing with Zack is he's probably chosen the hardest possible way by making it, for the most part, with a single a camera', he says. Co-producer Deborah Snyder talks about how they wanted to add some realism to the story of Superman. 'We wanted it to have real places, we didn't want superman to crash into a fictitious location', she explains. Equally, Zack points out that they did what they could to add credulity to the traditional Superman outfit, mentioning that they ruled out having his underwear outside his pants. 'The reason why his underwear is on the outside of his pants is left over from the Victorian era strong men', he says. 'I couldn't make it consistent with the world that we were creating.' Roven adds, 'We had to create a world where that kind of outfit was commonplace.' Production designer Alex McDowell said that similar thought went into the history behind the famous 'S' symbol, mentioning, 'The fact that an 'S' in a shield exists on the chest of a superhero from another planet is a huge design problem.' Talking about the character of Superman (or Clark Kent as he's known to his adoptive parents), Cavill explains his predicament. 'Clark is ultimately an outsider at all stages of his life', he says. '[Jor-El's] teachings are all about leading from the front, being a shining hope and example and not hiding what it is that you are.'


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