At the San Diego Comic Con International this weekend, Man of Steel director Zack Snyder made the entire conventional - and pretty much everyone else in the world who was't able to show up to the four-day event - simultaneously jump for joy with the news that a Superman and Batman will cross paths when the sequel to the Man of Steel is released in 2015.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill will be back as Superman

The announcement really did a number on Marvel's big reveal; the title of the next Avengers movie (Avengers: Age of Ultron), but now that the door is well and truly open for big name superheroes to cross paths, who knows what could happen next. With the Avengers already out there as a major motion picture and Gardians of the Galaxy and a Justice League movie coming soon, we can hopefully expect to see more and more superheroes all in one movie. Until then, here's what we hope/pray we can see in the not-so-distant future.

Spiderman and The Avengers

This has been floating around in the Marvel comics for a while, however each time Spidey has been called up for the Avengers he's been declined entry due to security reasons. We're not asking for his admission into the elite fighting group though, we just want to see him sling webs alongside Iron Man and Thor.

The X Men and The Avengers

This one is a little too good to get our heads around just thinking about it. In fact it's so farfetched we're beginning to regret suggesting it at all, but just imagine how epic and awesome it could be to see Wolverine fighting side-by-side with The Incredible Hulk on the big screen. Just imagine it! Wolverine has actually been a member of the Avengers before (in the comics) so an individual hook-up form one of the X Men with the Avengers wouldn't be as absurd.

Identity Crisis

One of DC's most lauded storyline in years was the Identity Crisis Justice League spin-off. For those of you unfamiliar, it see not only the original Justice League (Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Green Lantern, Flash and the Martian Manhunter) come together, but the entire Justice League collective that includes The Atom, Green Arrow, Captain Marvel, Black Canary, Cyborg and even more from across the DC Universe come together to thwart evil. It will rely too much on back story to go straight to film, but this is hardly something we've been concentrating on throughout this article is it.

Spiderman and The Punisher

For those unfamiliar with the comics, this might not make as much sense, but for those who know that The Punisher is more than just the guy who got his start in the Spidey comics, a crossover movie could fit right into the serious tone that comic book moviemakers are looking to take nowadays. To the writers of The Amazing Spider-Man 3, all we can say is please take this into serious consideration because it may very well be a golden (and profitable) idea in the right hands, with possible sequels and spin-offs a plenty.

Venom and Carnage

These are supervillains, rather than heroes, and we kind of had this in Spiderman 3, but no one likes to talk about Spiderman 3 so why not start a fresh. With the current advancements in special effects a full movie featuring two of Spiderman's greatest foes could be one of the movie events to look forward to, even it Spidey doesn't make an appearance himself.

Deadpool and... anyone

A Deadpool movie alone would be awesome, providing it's done right of course (we're looking at you X Men Origins: Wolverine). A wise cracking Deadpool showing up in an Avengers film or one of Marvel's many other planned franchises (X Men would probably make the most sense, but this is Deadpool we're talking about, and he rarely does make sense). Hey, if we're going into Deadpool territory, would it be too ridiculous to suggest him fighting against the Joker? Yes, yes it would.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the bookie's favourite to be the next Batman, and the most sensible choice too

That really just scratches the surface of what we want to see on the silver screen in the future, this list really could go on and on, but for now lets just sit back, relax and wait to see how awesome it'll be when Superman and Batman first swap blows in Man of Steel 2.

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder really did a number on Marvel's big announcement