Henry Cavill splashed out on an Aston Martin after receiving his first big pay cheques.

The 'Man of Steel' star saved up his movie earnings to buy himself a ''snazzy'' set of wheels, although he admits he has also wasted a lot of his money on buying outrageously-priced bottle of booze in nightclubs.

Quizzed about what his first big wage went on, he told ShortList magazine:''Yeah, but nothing huge. I treated myself, eventually, after a few years of decent pay packages. I got a very snazzy car. An Aston Martin DBS.

''I mean, sure there are times when, after a bit of pay, you go to a fancy nightclub and get table service and spend silly amounts of money on alcohol, which would only cost about 40 quid in the shop. But the big one was the car.''

The rising star is more conservative when it comes to his diet, however, and says his biggest extravagance while shooting the new Superman flick was scoffing a pizza as a reward after going weeks without any fat-laden food.

Henry - who had to be in top physical condition to play the DC Comics superhero - said: ''We had treats throughout filming, because to do 10 months without anything would be excruciating. The biggest treat was after a six-week phase when I was getting in shape for shirtless scenes.

''After that, [director] Zack Snyder bought me an amazing apple pie and a tub of ice cream. Then I ordered a pizza as well, and didn't even go home - I just sat in a trailer afterwards and ate it. I passed into a food coma after that.''