Helena Christensen has paid tribute to her father Fleming following his death.

The 54-year-old model has thanked her late dad for providing a "sense of calm" in their family unit and for giving her "so much love, wisdom, laughter" over the years.

She wrote on Instagram: "Dad [broken heart emoji] There is no way it can be described in words alone what a kind, caring, sweet, humble and beautiful man and father you were and there’s not enough time in this life to thank you for everything you have given us. You were a shining example of the finest son, husband and father and you are deeply loved and adored by everyone who knew you. You moved through life in your quiet, cool manner with one main goal, to take care of your 3 girls, mom, Anita and I. You instilled in us a sense of calm, of feeling safe and filled us with so much love, wisdom, laughter and more than anything, wonderful memories that keep coming back to me, you always holding my hand as a little girl, us snuggling up in your red leather chair reading stories, you biking with us little girls to the bakery on Sunday mornings, you giving me the best childhood soundtrack, Elvis, the Shadows, Bix Beiderbecke.. You tucking us in every night and driving us to school every morning in your metal blue car, the two of us sneaking into my first concert through a side door to see Grandmaster Flash cause we didn’t have tickets, us huddled in my room over the gramophone listening to the Cure, Depeche Mode, U2, the Cult, Echo.. Us dancing endlessly at parties, you and mom kissing on New years wearing silly hats, your big smile at every meal mom ever made, the sweet way you loved mom so deeply, your endless love and respect for your parents and being there for them till the end. You were always there, always smiling, always cracking the best jokes, always waving goodbye till you couldn’t see me anymore, even if it meant waving for a very long time. (sic)"

Helen admitted she owes everything to her Danish father and Peruvian mother Elsa.

She added: "I have everything, everything to thank you and mom for. I realize now that in these many last years of your life you showed your true strength, fighting to stay with your beloved family for as long as possible not wanting to leave us. You will always be with us, dad and I will keep waving, always (sic)"

In April 2022, Helen admitted she wants to "live forever" and would willingly let a vampire bite her to grant her immortality.

In an interview with Grazia magazine, she said at the time: "It comes from being frustrated that everything will end at some point. So if I don’t plan ahead too far, I keep the future a little bit at bay.

"It p***** me off no end that I’ll die one day and not experience the future. If a vampire passed by me in the night I would totally give my neck. I’m so ready to live forever."