Helena Christensen has a ''psychic connection'' with her mother.

The 44-year-old model is close to all her loved ones but says she has a particularly unusual bond with her mum.

Asked who she is closest to, she said: ''My parents, my son Mingus, 13, and my boyfriend.

''I have a psychic connection with my Peruvian mother.''

Helena also admitted she had to have a ''serious talk'' with her mother when she was younger because she was so jealous of her younger sister, she wanted to ''get rid'' of her.

She said: ''I was very jealous when my younger sister Anita was born, when I was four.

''I had years of being loved by my parents and then somebody came in and ruined it - I remember trying to get rid of her. My mum had to have a serious talk with me.''

And the brunette beauty - who is in a relationship with Paul Banks - says she looks for ''honesty and trustworthiness'' in her partners.

She told Britain's Grazia magazine: ''I value their sense of humour and someone you respect on many different levels. They need to be honest and trustworthy too.''