Helena Christensen has no interest in returning to the catwalk.

The 42-year-old model has recently tried her hand at acting and photography and says she has no intention of strutting her stuff down the runway again.

She told the Herald Sun: "It's great to do it once in a while for an adrenalin rush, but I don't miss that life. It was manic - the travelling, the jet lag. I couldn't keep doing it."

Helena has enjoyed a hugely successful modeling career but recently admitted she owes it all to designer Karl Lagerfeld and photographer Peter Lindbergh because they took a risk with her.

She said: "I went to Paris for a week after an invitation from an agency. I was so unbelievably lucky - I had baby cheeks, a horrible perm and a weird way of dressing but in that first week, I met Peter Lindbergh and Karl Lagerfeld and they literally booked me for everything for a year. I still walk up to them and say, 'That's incredible that you took the chance on me.' For me, it was, 'If it works out, I get to travel and do photography.' It was never about all the glamorous stuff, like being made up every day. So for many years, I always had my camera in my back pocket and the photographer would be like, 'What's that lump on your butt?' "