Helena Christensen has teamed up with Anine Bing to launching a 1990s-inspired clothing line.

The 51-year-old Danish supermodel - who was one of the biggest catwalk stars of that decade - has worked with the designer, who is also from Denmark, to create an 11-piece capsule collection that is directly influenced by the style of that era,

Helena admits she only has "amazing" memories of that time and thinks the fashion for women during the 90s was unique and "powerful".

Speaking to WWD, she said: "It was such a great time period for fashion. I only had amazing experiences from that time. I feel that the way women dressed at that time had a powerful feeling to it. There was a businesswoman aspect but in a laid-back way."

The collection is to be released on November 10 and is comprised of T-shirts, tailoring, jeans, a bodysuit and a silk jumpsuit, and is priced from $99 (£75) to $499 (£380).

Helena and Anine worked on the range for over a year and overcame any challenges of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic by having meetings over Zoom and visiting each other at their homes.

Discussing the creative process, Helena said: "We just both brainstormed ideas of our own personal style and found a middle ground of what could work for both of us."

Anine added: “She’s a little more experimental, a little more bohemian, relaxed in a way. I’m maybe a little more classic, but I also love rock ‘n’ roll. We tried to tie those two together.

“It’s been a super tough year for all of us, right, including myself. It’s been a wild year and a rollercoaster and super hard. I have many days being home crying, trying to figure out how to do this. And also being a mom, you know, doing homeschooling while designing and trying to run this company with so many employees.

“With that said, my goal with designing is to empower women, and I think that’s more important than ever that we feel strong and confident and believe in ourselves and be here for a better change.

"So, hopefully with this collaboration and my whole collection in general, I hope and think I will continue to empower women and feel like their best version of themselves during this crazy time. I’m a positive person, and I try to look positive on everything, even though it can be hard.”