Helena Christensen is never "competitive" with her fellow supermodels.

The 51-year-old supermodel has praised her friends as "beautiful girls inside and out" and insists they have never been up against each other and rather, they stuck by each other as modelling was a "lonely" job.

She said: "We were not competitive at all. We were always there for each other. They were beautiful girls inside and out. For me that’s the real reason why they deserved to be called super. It was a lonely job. We spent a lot of time on our own travelling, so the times when we came together were important. I am still in touch with them. I was texting with Christy this morning."

Helena admits there was a time where she "couldn’t think of anything worse" than modelling full time.

She added: "When I was first approached, when I was 20, I couldn’t think of anything worse. I found it a bit of an odd career move to have a job that basically had you in front of a camera with a team of people making you up, changing the way you look. It seemed a strange idea."

Helena has been spending time with her family in lockdown, and particularly enjoyed getting to wear track pants "every day".

Speaking to The Times 2, she added: "I had a great time in track pants every day. It was comforting to step into the same pair you had on the day before, and a pair of woollen socks and a big sweatshirt ... I tried hard to make every one an exquisite experience. I wanted to keep our spirits up. It saved me emotionally, but after five months of cooking and cleaning I was, like, ‘Enough’. Aside from Covid and all the rest, I was grateful that I was able to spend that time in nature with my son. And the track pants. They were just an added bonus ... You can work hours to get bed hair with a professional team. Or you can just wake up in the morning and it’s there. Yes, I put on full make-up every morning for the bears."