Helena Christensen hates overly-sexy underwear.

The supermodel prefers pretty, vintage styles to notice-me undergarments and thinks it's better to look sensual than sexy when stripping off in front of someone special.

Discussing her love of lingerie, she told the Telegraph.co.uk: ''I never want to look 'sexy' in my underwear - and if you do have someone in your life, isn't it better to look pretty and sensual than sexy?

''I like vintage lingerie. In my eyes, soft, faded colours and pretty shapes are definitely more appealing than your typically sexy red lingerie set.

''And, of course, once you have got the lingerie set sorted, it's all about having a confident attitude.''

The 44-year-old brunette - who has just launched her Helena Christensen for Triumph lingerie collection - thinks everyone should take pride in getting ready in the morning and believes the more relaxed your beauty regime is, the happier you will be.

Helena explained: ''Getting ready in the morning is a nice ritual, and if you do have a little extra time, try to make the most of it. I love the Middle Eastern traditions of cleansing yourself, applying body oils and really indulging.

''It may sound over the top, but try lighting a candle in the morning while getting ready, whether you have five minutes or 50 minutes.''