Helena Christensen doesn't have any guilty pleasures.

Despite having a figure envied by millions of women, the statuesque supermodel - who claims to be a cheese addict - never deprives herself of anything and doesn't believe in having indulgences perceived as naughty.

Helena, 44, explained to Stylist magazine: ''I don't have any [guilty pleasures] because I don't look at anything I do as something that should make me feel guilty. I'm not an addictive person; if I do something, it just won't feel good after a while.

''As humans, whatever they tell us not to do, we'll do. So mentally, I look at them as pleasure to enjoy once in a while. Well, probably more than just once in a while.''

The Danish beauty also admitted she finds it hard to understand the concept of the fashion industry, despite working both in front and behind the camera for three decades, but she enjoys the unusual nature of the business.

She mused: ''I once said modelling is a silly business but it was taken out of context. It is a weird and curious job, but I don't only look at it that way. It's hard to describe to anyone who's not in it.

''It seems like it would be unnatural to use yourself as a product and be the one who is exposed. That will always feel slightly unnatural and strange, but also challenging and interesting.''