Helena Christensen has designed a t-shirt for Oxfam Italia.

The Danish supermodel's white tee creation features beloved cartoon character Hello Kitty with a modern makeover, giving the cute cat a head of hair, sparkly accessories and a camera.

According to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, she said: ''I've always been a big fan of Hello Kitty. She's still as cool and chic today as she was when I was a child and I am thrilled to be a part of this project.''

Japanese company Sanrio, which owns the rights to Hello Kitty, has allowed the charity to use the cartoon image for free.

The t-shirts, priced at €29.99, are available from Coins stores in Italy and can be purchased by overseas buyers by emailing [email protected].

Hello Kitty's new camera appears to reference the model's own career, having recently declared she intended to focus on photography rather than fashion.

She said: ''If it continues the way it's going, then that is probably the direction I'm going in... Photography has been important in a fundamental way throughout my life.

''On one hand, I have this strange, amazing, interesting job as a model. On the other, I am a photographer. They complement each other well.''

Helena, 44, has been an Oxfam ambassador since 2010, signing up for the role after visiting her mother's native Peru to discover the effect of climate change on the population.