Helena Christensen and Anine Bing wanted their Scandinavian heritage to "clearly shine through" their capsule collection.

The 51-year-old Danish supermodel has just launched an 11-piece collection inspired by the 1990s with the designer, who is also from Denmark, and Helena has admitted she "downplayed" her love of bold colours for the monochrome Scandi-style line.

She told Harper's Bazaar UK: "I never really know how to describe my personal style.

"I think because it isn't a certain style per se, more of a peculiar mix of all different kinds of styles. I think the fact that my mother is from Peru and my father is from Denmark has given me a love for quirky mixes. I really love organic, fluid lines and shapeless, comfortable designs, but I am also totally drawn to anything colourful – a mix of flowers and patterns, all different kinds of fabrics mixed together, and layers upon layers. Both Anine and I wanted our Scandinavian heritage to clearly shine through so that side was downplayed a little for this collection."

The former Victoria's Secret Angel - who was crowned Miss Universe Denmark in 1986 at the age of 17 - says getting to witness firsthand the "magic" behind the scenes during her modelling career has been "the most incredible education" and enabled her to launch her own design projects.

She said: "More and more I am incredibly appreciative of all the knowledge I have absorbed during my years in the business.

"In fact, I appreciate it even more now than I ever did. I realise I have been part of fashion history in a way that hardly anyone is; I’ve been so close to the real magic behind it all. I have learned so much from all the masters, the designers, the seamstresses, the photographers, the beauty teams, the creative teams. It’s been the most incredible education."