Helena Bonham Carter often feels disappointed when she sees her outfits because they misrepresent her moods.

The 'Dark Shadows' actress is renowned for her unconventional sense of style and she says she uses her wardrobe to ''transform'' into something else, but admits she doesn't always get the look she is trying to achieve.

She said: ''All I'm into is dressing up.

''I think I transform into somebody else and then you see the photo and go, 'That's so not what I meant ...' It's the disappointment after. That's why I ceased to watch myself anymore because I go, 'It's still me!'''

Helena caused a stir at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards when she wore mismatched shoes on the red carpet - and she admits they were a deliberate ploy to distract attention away from her Vivienne Westwood dress, which she didn't think anyone would like.

Speaking to Daniel Radcliffe for Interview magazine, she said: ''I thought, 'F**k it'. I looked at the dress and thought, 'It's not gonna be well received, so let's just distract.' At least you've got some control, you know?''