Following the news that Olivia Colman has signed up to play Queen Elizabeth in the third and fourth seasons of Netflix original series 'The Crown', taking over from the critically-acclaimed Claire Foy, comes the rumours of yet another huge name signing up to join proceedings, with reports suggesting that Helena Bonham Carter is in talks to take on the role of Princess Margaret.

Could Helena Bonham Carter take on the role of Princess Margaret?Could Helena Bonham Carter take on the role of Princess Margaret?

Currently, Vanessa Kirby has played the Queen's sister in the show, but with the time jump that is set to take place every two seasons of 'The Crown', a full recasting of the show will have to take place. According to Entertainment Weekly, Carter is the woman close to signing a deal to take over when it comes to Margaret, with the report also suggesting that she was first considered for the role of Elizabeth before Colman was chosen.

Princess Margaret is one of the figures within the Royal Family for whom scandal has followed. So far in 'The Crown', we've seen her meet Anthony Armstrong-Jones, her future husband. A whirlwind romance saw the two get together, with Anthony becoming the first non-aristrocrat to marry into the Royal Family in 400 years. It was controversial at the time, and something we imagine put a lot of strain on the relationships Margaret had within her family. 

The marriage came to an end in 1978, and if the show's to continue on its current path, we should see some of the reasons why their relationship was doomed to fail start to come into play.

Carter is likely well educated when it comes to the Royal Family, having already taken on the role of the Queen Mother in 'The King's Speech', and delving into that world. What she'll bring to the role of Princess Margaret remains to be seen, but she's as versatile an actress as they come.

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'The Crown' seasons 1-2 are available now on Netflix. We'll bring you more news on season 3 as and when we get it.