Helena Bonham Carter is ''addicted'' to Candy Crush Saga.

The 'Young and Prodigious T.S. Spirit' actress tries to limit the access her children Billy, 10, and Nell, six, have to gaming devices, but feels a bit hypocritical because she plays the sweet-swapping game whenever she can.

She said: ''The challenge is to find something we all like doing and to get the children away from the screens, like iPads.

''Although I can't be too strict as I'm a bit addicted to Candy Crush.''

When they're not playing computer games, Helena says her family love to get creative together, with her partner Tim Burton being a gifted artist.

She added: ''Like anyone else we need to eat, run a household, but we're good at games and making things.

''Tim is good at drawing and painting, that's the one thing we like to do together, drawing and painting and making things.''

And the brunette beauty is fascinated by her kids' imaginations.

She added to Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''Pretty much every child is born with imagination. I love my children and their unique perspective.

''A kid's take on things is totally original, until it gets stamped out of them by school and the rest of us. The need to conform is pretty endemic in society.''