Helena Bonham Carter's favourite thing about Christmas is that it makes Londoners friendly.

The 47-year-old actress - who lives in Belsize Park in north London with her director husband Tim Burton and their two children - thinks the best thing about the festive period is that it brings festive cheer to her neighbourhood.

When asked to share her favourite Christmas tradition, Helena said: ''Going for a walk in the morning and seeing strangers in London break their year-long habit of unfriendliness and actually smile and say hello to one another.''

The BAFTA Award winning actress - who stars in this year's highly anticipated Marks and Spencer's Christmas advert alongside supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and David Gandy - also described the signature scents of Christmas as one of her favourite things about the holidays.

She said: ''All the smells - cinnamon, orange and spice.''

Helena will surely look forward to indulging in her favourite treats at Christmas time, including crisps - which she admitted she is addicted to.

Asked what her most lowbrow indulgence is, Helena previously said: ''Stuffing my face with salt and vinegar crisps, alternating with cheese and onion - Walkers, not posh Kettle Chips.''