Following slightly false reports that she had been “axed” from the BBC’s coverage of the Commonwealth Games because of her ‘risque’ outfits at the Olympics two years ago, Helen Skelton has responded to rumour with humour.

The 34 year old presenter, who also fronts the network’s weekly ‘Countryfile’ programme, has been a mainstay of the BBC’s athletics and swimming coverage, but during the Rio games in 2016 she was criticised for her revealing choice of outfits on air.

On Thursday (March 8th), reports indicated that Skelton had been dropped from the BBC’s coverage of the Commonwealth Games down in Australia next month. Immediately, many reports presumed that the decision was because of her wardrobe selections, although it was actually because the BBC was simply taking a smaller team to cover the competition.

Helen SkeltonHelen Skelton had the nation discussing her wardrobe selection at Rio 2016

Skelton, who is married to rugby league star Richie Myler and has two children, decided to have fun with the gossip, tweeting a meme later that afternoon whose text, alongside a picture of Wonder Woman, read: “My boss told me, 'dress for the job you want, not the job you have.' Now I'm sitting in a disciplinary meeting dressed as Wonder Woman.”

Responding to fellow BBC presenter Sonja McLaughlan, she wrote under the tweet: “LOLS @Sonjamclaughlan @lambsenglish good job we don't take life too seriously Sonja.”

The BBC clarified to media outlets that Skelton is not involved because her role simply “isn’t there” this time round, and that they’re reducing the size of their operation to cover the Commonwealth Games.

“We are sending a considerably smaller operation to Australia than we have to previous games and as such there won't be presentation from a number of sports including swimming. Helen remains a key presenter for BBC Sport,” a spokesperson for the Beeb said.

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