Dame Helen Mirren has revealed why she married her husband Taylor Hackford - to save cash.

The Oscar winner wed her director partner in 1997, 12 years after they fell for each other while working on 1985 film White Nights.

When asked in an interview with Hello! magazine why it took the couple so long to walk down the aisle, Mirren reveals she decided to don her wedding dress after a financial adviser told her of the money she could save if she got married.

She tells the publication, "(We married) for two reasons. I knew our extended family... wanted us to get married. The other reason was financial. As you get older, you start thinking about wills and planning for your estate. We realised that it was going to be so much clearer if we got married."

When asked if she believes in unions, she adds, "Not at all. I couldn't see the point until a financial adviser told me how much money we'd be saving. I was on board immediately."