Helen Mirren's husband Taylor Hackford was so shocked to see his wife dressed up as British monarch Queen Elizabeth II for a movie role he burst out laughing.
The veteran actress won an Oscar for her portrayal of the royal in 2006 movie The Queen, but Hackford never saw her in costume until he watched the film's premiere.
The filmmaker was so surprised by Mirren's transformation, he got the giggles during the screening - much to the embarrassment of his wife.
He says, "Taking on the role of the Queen in Stephen Frears' film was an incredibly difficult decision for her. I hadn't visited her on-set, and hadn't seen her in the role until the premiere at the Venice film festival.
"The first image on the screen was the Queen sitting for a portrait, and she's dressed in all her queenly drag. I was surprised and shocked. I just broke out laughing - and I have a very large laugh. She was saying, 'Shhh! Stop it!'"