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Kristin Scott Thomas Is Named A Dame Ahead Of Royal Role In 'The Audience'

Kristin Scott Thomas Queen Elizabeth II Helen Mirren

Kristin Scott Thomas has finally received her long-awaited and very well-deserved Damehood from Queen Elizabeth II at at Buckingham Palace, ahead of her role as the monarch herself in West End stage drama 'The Audience' in which she will star in April.

Kristin Scott Thomas at 'Suite Francaise' premiere
Kristin Scott Thomas finally becomes a dame

The Academy Award nominated actress became Dame Kristin Scott Thomas for her services to drama this week, and revealed to the Queen herself upon her honour that she is set to play her in upcoming stage show 'The Audience'. 'She asked me what I was doing next, so I had to tell her and she said it would be quite a challenge', the 54-year-old told BBC reporters

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A Week In Movies: Zoolander Steals The Show In Paris, Shailene And Theo Shine In London, Trailers Drop For Get Hard, Woman In Gold And 5 Flights Up

Ben Stiller Owen Wilson Shailene Woodley Theo James Kevin Hart Helen Mirren

Zoolander 2 Paris

In Paris this week, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson made headlines when they shot a sequence for Zoolander 2 on the catwalk during Valentino's Paris Fashion Week show. As their characters Derek and Hansel, they strutted to the strains of The Human League's Don't You Want Me, followed by a p[arade of high-fashion models. The film is due next February. Watch Ben Stiller And Owen Wilson Steal The Runway At Paris Fashion.

Shailene Woodley and Theo James led a line-up of red carpet eye candy at the world premiere of the Divergent sequel Insurgent this week in London. Guests included stars from TV shows like The Hills and Made in Chelsea, plus musicians, models and athletes, as well as Veronica Roth, author of the Divergent novels. The movie is out next week.

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Woman In Gold - Trailer And Clips

When the Nazis took over Vienna prior to the Second World War, they stole countless, priceless artefacts. One of these artefacts was the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, and an Austrian Holocaust survivor has the perfect claim to it. Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren) hires Randol Schoenberg (Ryan Reynolds), a lawyer of Austrian decent, to help her become once again acquainted with the famous painting of her aunt. The problem is, that the painting is held in a Vienna art gallery, and the Austrian government are adamant in keeping the national treasure. Altmann, on the other hand, is desperate to get back what is rightfully hers. 

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Helen Mirren Shines In Woman In Gold

Helen Mirren

British acting legend Helen Mirren is back on the big screen as one half of a screen partnership with the delectable Ryan Reynolds in upcoming true story drama Woman in Gold.

Woman In Gold
Mirren plays Austrian-Jewish Holocaust survivor, Maria Altmann

Mirren plays Jewish octogenarian Maria Altmann, an Austrian Holocaust survivor living in Los Angeles. She enlists the help of lawyer Randol Schoenberg (Reynolds), also of Austrian descent, as she begins a fight against the Austrian government to reclaim Gustav Klimt’s iconic painting of her aunt, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, which was confiscated by the Nazis in Vienna.

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Helen Mirren Brings The Queen To Broadway In Speculative Drama 'The Audience' [Photos]

Helen Mirren Peter Morgan Stephen Daldry Queen Elizabeth II

Dame Helen Mirren returns as Queen Elizabeth II as she brings her hit West End political play 'The Audience' over the pond to Broadway; and, without exaggeration, once again proves to be the most convincing queen ever seen on either stage or screen.

Helen Mirren at 'The Audience' opening after party
Helen Mirren at 'The Audience' opening after party (Credit: Jemal Countess at Getty Images Entertainment)

Helen Mirren has that kind of noble demeanour that commands respect on entering a room, never mind a stage or film set. So it's no wonder that she was selected to reprise her role as the current Queen of England in speculative political theatre drama 'The Audience' - a show which explores the monarchs varying relationships with different Prime Ministers, including the only female PM Margaret Thatcher, Harold Wilson, Winston Churchill and current PM David Cameron.

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Helen Mirren May Be 'The Queen', But Even Movie Royalty Ride The Subway

Helen Mirren

She might've won an Oscar for her incredibly convincing performance in 'The Queen', but Helen Mirren proves she's no more regal than anybody else as she opts for a subway ride over a cab during a trip in New York City.

Helen Mirren at 'The Hundred-Foot Journey' screening
Helen Mirren proves she's just a regular woman

Super classy British actress Helen Mirren joined the ever-growing list of down-to-earth celebrities who have proved to have no qualms about taking the subway to get around alongside regular people. Looking cosily wrapped up in a fur jacket and lilac gloves, the star was seated politely alongside a fellow passenger with her large tote perched on her knee. It's unclear whether or not the gentleman sitting next to her had any idea who was sharing his seat, but the eagle-eyed rider sat opposite was quick to snap the rare moment on their phone.

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The Hundred-Foot Journey Review

Very Good

A relentlessly smiley-glowy tone threatens to undo this film at every turn, but it's just about rescued by a spiky script and the adept cast. Director Lasse Hallstrom has been indulging in warm-fuzzy filmmaking since 2000's Chocolat, and this story (based on the Richard Morais book) seems set in the same fanciful, far too-cute France, created with digital effects rather than cinematography. Nothing is remotely realistic, but the characters are engaging and the food looks absolutely delicious. This is definitely not a film to see on an empty stomach.

The central character is Hassan (90210's Manish Dayal), who was born in India and developed his prodigious gift as a chef with his late mother. Now refugees in Europe, Hassan's Papa (Om Puri) is on a quest to establish a restaurant with his five children. They settle on an impossibly quaint French village, and set up their Indian eatery just across the road from the Michelin-starred restaurant run by the imperious Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren), who of course immediately declares war on these interlopers. Meanwhile, Hassan begins exploring French cookery with Mallory's sexy sous-chef Marguerite (Charlotte Le Bon). And his innate expertise catches Mallory's attention.

This simple twist helps propel the story and draw us in, as Hassan proves that he can teach Mallory a thing or two. Where this goes is played out in a simplistic way, but for audience members who are looking for meaning there's quite a bit of insight scattered around the script. Otherwise, Hallstrom is far more interested in superficial imagery, never quite letting the actors dig deep into their characters. Dayal shows some real texture as Hassan, but is reduced in the editing to merely smiling or frowning to show the character's frame of mind. And his relationship with Le Bon's impossibly perky Marguerite is almost painfully predictable.

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Helen Mirren Set For Broadway Return To Play Queen Elizabeth II Again

Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren has had many memorable performances in her illustrious acting career, but the most important one could arguably be the portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in 2006's 'The Queen', in which she received an Oscar for.

Queen Elizabeth
Mirren will play Queen Elizabeth II in 'The Audience'

The historical drama depicts the death of Princess Diana on August 31st 1997 and upon its release, the critics heavily praised Mirren's performance.

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Helen Mirren Starrer "The Hundred-Foot Journey" Features Spicy Food And Cheesy Romance

Oprah Winfrey Steven Spielberg Helen Mirren

Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg joined forces on the foodie comedy The Hundred-Foot Journey and celebrated the fruits of their labour Tuesday night at the Ziegfield Theater in LA.

Oprah Winfrey, Stephen Spielberg
Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg at the premiere of The Hundred-Foot Journey.

The movie tells the story of two rival restaraurants – a Michelin-starred French eatery and the quaint family-run Arabic place that moves in next door. The Kadam family is faced with tough competition in the face of their neighbour, Madame Mallory, but with the help of their culinary wunderkind of a son, Hasan and the budding friendship between him and Mallory’s sous chef Margueritte, an unexpected partnership blossoms.

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The Hundred Foot Journey - Featurette

Talking about upcoming restaurent drama 'The Hundred Foot Journey', producers Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey, director Lasse Hallstrom and star Helen Mirren reveal their thoughts in a short featurette.

'This really is a story about the fusion between two opposite cultures', says Steven, with Oprah explaining of the film's plot: 'The icy Madame Mallory, the owner of the very proper Michelin-starred French restaurent, doesn't allow for any kind of competition whatsoever.' Helen reveals that within the clashing of two food cultures 'it's a feud that becomes a war - and no holds barred actually'.

click to read The Hundred Foot Journey movie reveiw

Everything You Need To Know About Katie Holmes' New Movie

Katie Holmes Jean Reno Tom Cruise Allison Janney Cameron Diaz Ryan Reynolds Helen Mirren

As the former wife of one of Hollywood’s most prolific and instantly recognisable screen icons, it is to be expected that Katie Holmes marriage to Tom Cruise will define much of her career for many years to come. What’s more, despite starring in such well-known and successful films as Batman Begins, Go and Phone Booth, she remains most well-known for her role as Joey Potter in the long-running series Dawson’s Creek.

Katie Holmes Attends Met GalaKatie Holmes is attempting to re-establish herself as an actress.

The series, which details the lives of four teenagers through their growing pangs and adolescent tribulations ran for six seasons and 128 episodes, leaving Katie’s turn as the character Joey Potter left burned onto the minds of much of the American public. So far, efforts to distance herself from the role have been largely unsuccessful but an upcoming slew of films sees Katie making her most concerted effort to redefine herself as a talented and versatile actress.

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Glamour Women Of The Year Awards 2014: Who Was Best Dressed? [Pictures]

Alexa Chung Helen Mirren

Some of Britain’s most stylish women were on hand for last night’s (June 3rd) Glamour Women of the Year awards. Dame Helen Mirren took home the highest honour, being named an ‘Icon’ at the ceremony, while the ever stylish Alexa Chung was named entrepreneur of the year. But who won in the style stakes on last nights fashion filled red carpet?

Alexa ChungAlexa Chung in Dior

Alexa Chung led the way with a stylish and subtly sexy black Dior dress, the knee length number featured a peek-a-boo lace design at the top and then flowed out into a full skirt. Of course you can always count on Alexa to be on top of the latest red carpet trends and her dress included the star's favourite feature of the moment, pockets.

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Netflix Invests In £100M Queen Elizabeth Series 'The Crown'

Queen Elizabeth II Helen Mirren

Netflix has lined up a new £100 million dollar epic series about the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Entitled The Crown, the original programme concept will chart the British figurehead's six decades spent on the throne and will be inspired by Peter Morgan's play, The Audience. Morgan, who also directed 2006's Oscar-winning The Queen, will be teaming up with Billy Elliot's Stephen Daldry to make the new series.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II Is The Inspiration For A New Netflix Epic Charting Six Decades Of Her Rule.

Helen Mirren famously played the monarch in the film and the play but it is currently unclear whether she will return to claim the role for the TV series. Instead, at least three other actors are reportedly being considered for the part.

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The Hundred Foot Journey Trailer

The Hundred Foot Journey is a drama directed by Lasse Hallström (Dear John/Salmon Fishing in the Yemen) and written by Steven Knight.

Based on the novel of the same name by Richard C. Morals, The Hundred-Foot Journey sees an Indian family start a new life in France, where they intend to open a family business in the form of a restaurant, however the top restaurant in the south of France is opposite the restaurant the family buy, owned by the fiercely competitive Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren). This gives the family little chance of being successful, yet they persist with it exposing the French to food they won't have tasted before. When Mallory becomes aware of this, she bitterly attempts to slow down business for their restaurant, i.e. by making snide remarks about the restaurant to her customers. Over time though, the two restaurants become friends, with Mallory even offering Hassan (Manish Dayal) of the Indian family, a job at her restaurant. But how will his father (Om Puri) feel about this?  

The film came about when producer Oprah Winfrey became a fan of the script, and encouraged Steven Spielberg to make an adaptation of the novel, who she knew from working with on The Color Purple. Spielberg searched for a director he thought would be good for the role and so he found Hallström, who was nominated for an Academy Award for his adaptation of The Cider House Rules, by John Irving.

Tributes For The Late Bob Hoskins Come Flooding In Following The Tragic News

Bob Hoskins Helen Mirren Samuel L Jackson

The death of beloved British actor Bob Hoskins on Tuesday took the entertainment world by surprise. The 71-year-old actor had more than 80 movies under his belt, including the favorite of several generations of kids, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Hoskins also starred in films like Mona Lisa and The Long Good Friday, before retiring in 2012 due to the progression of. He died peacefully of pneumonia, surrounded by hisby his family, his wife Linda and children Alex, Sarah, Rosa and Jack said in a short statement.

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Helen Mirren Guides Procession Of Stars To The Queen At Royal Arts Reception

Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth II Helen Mirren Steve McQueen Michael Sheen Gemma Arterton Uma Thurman Hugh Laurie Joely Richardson

Last night, Buckingham Palace hosted a star-studded reception for some of the world's most talented stars of stage and screen. The Royal Reception for Dramatic Arts celebrated the Queen's 60 years as patron of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and the contribution of the dramatic arts to national life with a host of showbiz royalty paying the palace a visit.

Queen Elizabeth II
The Queen Greeted The Hollywood Stars Who Paid Her A Visit At The Palace.

The Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, played host to a glittering line-up of stars, including Dame Helen Mirren, Sir Roger Moore, John Hurt, Steve McQueen, Michael Sheen, Helena Bonham Carter, Angela Lansbury, Hugh Laurie, Gemma Arterton, Ralph Fiennes, Timothy Spall, Alan Bennett and Alan Rickman along with the actresses Uma Thurman, Joely Richardson, and Joan Collins.

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Helen Mirren Earns More Respect With Twerking Antics At Harvard's Woman Of The Year Awards [Video]

Helen Mirren Neil Patrick Harris Miley Cyrus Marion Cotillard Kiefer Sutherland

Dame Helen Mirren did her best Miley Cyrus impression as she twerked her way through the Harvard Hasty Pudding Woman Of The Year award ceremony in Massachusetts.

Helen Mirren at Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year
Helen Mirren waves at her Harvard crowd

The Queen actress proved to be a brilliant sport as the Harvard University Hasty Pudding Theatricals presented her with their annual pudding pot prize after a traditional drag parade from the troupe which happens to be the oldest undergraduate drama ensemble in America. She took part in the customary roast which saw her shake her rear on stage in what we have come to know as 'twerking'. 

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Helen Mirren Honored With Harvard's Hasty Pudding Woman Of The Year Award

Helen Mirren

British actress Dame Helen Mirren has been named woman of the year by Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Theatrical.

The Academy-Award winning actress as won the annual award from America's oldest theatre group, an undergraduate drama society, which dates back to the late 18th century.

Mirren will be prized with the honour at a ceremony on January 30th at Farkas Hallon, which is on campus in Cambridge, near Boston.

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Golden Globes 2014 Celebrates New Shows Over The Old As Television Nominations Are Revealed

Kevin Spacey Robin Wright Corey Stoll Michael Sheen Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul Julianna Margulies Kerry Washington James Spader Liev Schreiber Rob Lowe Michael Douglas Matt Damon Amy Poehler Zooey Deschanel Lena Dunham Edie Falco Andy Samberg Jim Parsons Don Cheadle Jason Bateman Michael J Fox Helen Mirren Jessica Lange

The nominations for the 2014 Golden Globe Awards were revealed this week and although there were few surprises in the movie nominations; in the television categories however, it's time for change in the established order of critically-acclaimed TV. Former nomination regulars like Mad Men and Homefront are nowhere to be seen in the nominees lists, replaced instead by the new order of critically-acclaimed shows.

Master of Sex
Master of Sex, along with House of Cards, is now the show to beat

Master of Sex and House of Cards now look like the shows to beat, with Breaking Bad making what will be its final appearance at the Golden Globes with the series ending this year. This comes just a year after Homeland achieved the impressive feat of winning Best Drama Series, Best Male Actor and Best Female Actor all in one night, although this does mark the second year in a row that the 2007-2009 winner Mad Men has not appeared in the Best Drama category.

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Helen Mirren's 'The Audience' Queen Performance Wins Standard Award

Helen Mirren Damian Lewis Rory Kinnear Adrian Lester David Walliams

Dame Helen Mirren has once again been lauded for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II, this time for her turn in West End production, The Audience. The 68 year-old star was named best actress at the 59th London Evening Standard Theatre Awards at the weekend's awards ceremony.

Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren Is The London Evening Standard's Best Actress.

However, Mirren was reluctant to hog all the praise to herself, telling reporters that she felt that the Queen was also deserving. "I did feel very much that the response to the play was as much a response to that person, that extraordinary woman, as it was to my performance," she said, via BBC News.

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Dame Helen Mirren Wins Yet Another Award For Playing The Queen

Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren has received another award for portraying the Queen of England.

The 68 year-old received the award for Best Actress at the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards on Sunday (Nov 17th) for her role in the West End production of 'The Audience.'

Mirren first won an award for playing Queen Elizabeth II in 2007, she received an Oscar for her role in the film 'The Queen'.

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National Theatre In London Celebrates 50 Years With A Shining Cast And Star-Studded Guest List

Judi Dench Maggie Smith Helen Mirren Michael Gambon Derek Jacobi

The National Theatre in London celebrated five decades of quality productions yesterday with the aid of some of the brightest and most experienced stars of UK theatre. Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, Derek Jacobi, Michael Gambon, Simon Russell Beale and plenty of others gave their best performances to represent the distinguished institution.

National Theatre
Last year, the National celebrated the London Olympics with a fire garden of lit candles.

The guest list was also sufficiently star-studded, with attendees like playwrights Tom Stoppard, Peter Shaffer and David Hare alongside directors Richard Eyre and Peter Hall and actresses Prunella Scales and Juliet Stevenson. The guest of honor was Joan Plowright, the widow of the late first director of the National’s first director and distinguished actor in his own right Lawrence Olivier.

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RED 2 Review


That A-list cast of "retired, extremely dangerous" spies is back, coasting through another amiable but uninspired action-comedy. It may be occasionally funny, but the script is so lazy that it never does anything with the characters or situations. So there's never even a hint of suspense.

In the years since the events of 2010's RED, Frank (Willis) has been trying to live quietly with Sarah (Parker). But trouble seeks them out when their pal Marvin (Malkovich) is the target of a car bomb, and Frank discovers that MI6 and the CIA have sent assassins to kill him: his ruthless former colleague Victoria (Mirren) and the fiendishly unstoppable Han (Lee), respectively. So Frank, Sarah and Marvin head to Paris to solve the mess, crossing paths with Frank's ex, the seductive Katya (Zeta-Jones). Sarah isn't happy about this, but tags along to London, where they locate a nutty scientist (Hopkins) who has the key to all the chaos: namely that they need to get to Moscow to stop a rogue nuke.

As in the first film, the plot bounces along merrily without bothering with either logic or subtext. This is just a silly story about goofy old killers, and the film's main joke is seeing Mirren in camouflage firing a machine-gun. At least the cast shows that they're still feisty, taking on each other with gusto as they try to steal every scene. Malkovich's surreal humour, Mirren's snappy punchlines, Zeta-Jones' purring sexuality and Hopkins' scatter-brained genius are pretty funny, while Willis and Parker get the most thankless roles as a couple still working out their relationship.

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Red 2's US Release: Critics Are Unimpressed By "Tired" Sequel

Bruce Willis Helen Mirren Bette Davis Morgan Freeman John Malkovich Catherine Zeta Jones Anthony Hopkins

Red 2 is released in US cinemas today (Friday 19th July). Critics have not received the Red sequel favourably, describing it as "passable" and simply "adequate".

Bruce WillisBruce Willis at the premiere of Red 2, L.A.

According to USA Today, before you head off to the cinema, it is worthwhile seeing the first film. Red 2 appears to be a difficult film to follow without having prior knowledge of the characters. 

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Red 2 Reviews: Is The Comedy Sequel Worth Watching? [Trailer]

Bruce Willis Helen Mirren Catherine Zeta Jones John Malkovich Mary-Louise Parker Lee Byung-hun

After Red 2 enjoyed its star-studded premiere it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty of whether 2010's Red was deserving of a sequel or not. The Hollywood Reporter's Justin Lowe mulls over the highs and lows of the sharp new instalment of the crime comedy. With regards to the first film - where former black ops agent is forced back into action after his life is threatened by an assassin - THR doubts that Red 2 has "a whole lot new to offer" over the original premise.

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis Back As Ex-Black Ops Guy Who Wants To Settle Into His Retirement In Peace.

Red 2 sees Frank Moses (Willis) trying to lead a normal life with his partner Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) but is called out of retirement again by his paranoid chum Marvin (John Malkovich) who proposes a new mission - to find a nuclear device that's also being hunted out by the government, some terrorists and even some assassins.

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Monsters University Review


Pixar revisits the characters from 2001's Monsters, Inc. for a frat-house prequel. Which is kind of an odd setting for a kids' movie. The comedy is more focussed on action sequences than characters this time, so it's not nearly as satisfying. But it's still a lot of fun, thanks to a constant barrage of sharp verbal and visual gags.

When he was just a child, Mike (Crystal) dreamed about becoming a scarer, capturing the screams of human children to provide power to Monstropolis. So he's thrilled when he enters Monsters University, and takes his studies very seriously. By contrast, his roommate Randy (Buscemi) is more interested in partying, while classmate Sulley (Goodman) is lazily coasting on the legacy of his famed scarer dad. Then Mike and Sulley end up on the wrong side of Dean Hardscrabble (Mirren), who gives them one chance to stay in school: they have to win the Scare Games. But the only frat-house that needs them is made up of unscary misfits: nice-guy Dan (Murray), two-headed dimwit Terry/Terri (Hayes/Foley), naive five-eyed Squishy (Sohn) and furry philosopher Art (Day).

We never really doubt where this is going, but the filmmakers have a lot of fun along the way, and the story does take some surprising twists. Essentially, it's the same premise as Glee, with nerdy outcasts banding together to draw on their personal talents and show the cool kids that they're not losers. The script never really develops any of the side characters beyond one key personality trait, but the relationship between Mike and Sulley has a real kick of emotional resonance, superbly well-voiced by Crystal and Goodman. And the bromance between these two is even more enjoyable than all the colourful mayhem and snappy joking around.

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Al Pacino As Phil Spector - "I Would Sit For Hours Just Looking At Phil Talking About Things"

Al Pacino Helen Mirren Phil Spector

Al Pacino stars alongside Helen Mirren as Phil Spector – the infamous American record producer and songwriter – in David Mamet’s controversial new drama for HBO. The TV movie surrounds the shooting of Lana Clarkson, in which Mirren plays the defence lawyer enamoured and convinced by her client’s tribulations.

Al PacinoPacino signing autographs for his loving fans

“The luxury in today’s world is that you have all this footage on the characters you play,” says Pacino as he explains he method of preparing for the role to The Telegraph. “I would sit for hours just looking at Phil talking about things, mainly during and after the first trial.” For Pacino, though, simply mimicking what he saw on screen wasn’t good enough.

Continue reading: Al Pacino As Phil Spector - "I Would Sit For Hours Just Looking At Phil Talking About Things"

'Monsters University' Fends Off 'The Heat': Still No.1 In US Box Office

John Goodman Billy Crystal Helen Mirren Channing Tatum Jamie Foxx Disney Superman Star Trek Johnny Depp Armie Hammer Sandra Bullock Melissa McCarthy Steve Buscemi

Monsters University spent its second week at No.1 in the US Weekend Box Office grossing $46.2 million. The sequel of Monsters Inc. follows the early, not so jovial, relationship of Sulley and Mike as they attend college. Monsters University includes some big names from the acting community including Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi and Dame Helen Mirren.

Billy Crystal
Billy Crystal with ‘Mike Wazowski’, the character he voices in Monsters Inc. and Monsters University

Disney Pixar’s animation has fended off competition from Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy’s cop comedy The Heat. The comedy has received favourable reviews and the weekend box office reflects this, grossing since its release on Friday $40 million.

Continue reading: 'Monsters University' Fends Off 'The Heat': Still No.1 In US Box Office

Monsters University Earns $82.4 Million On Its Opening Weekend

Billy Crystal John Goodman Steve Buscemi Helen Mirren Disney

Monsters University, the prequel to Monsters Inc., has done extremely well during its first weekend of release. The Disney Pixar animation has made $82.4 million, placing it ahead of World War Z and Superman: Man of Steel in the box office charts. 

The animation has outdone its predecessor, Monsters Inc. which, released in 2001, made $65.5 million during its opening weekend. In Monsters Inc. we saw the monster's world powered by the terror of children scared by Mike and Sulley during their night-time adventures into the human world. The two best friends overcome adversity to ensure a predictable happy ending in true Disney style. 

Monsters University follows the relationship between Mike (the green Cyclops) and Sulley (the fluffy blue one) as they attend university. As it turns out the pair were not always as close as they were in Monsters Inc. 

Continue reading: Monsters University Earns $82.4 Million On Its Opening Weekend

Dame Helen Mirren Blasts Dance Troop For Interrupting Her Turn As The Queen

Helen Mirren

If there’s one thing you don’t do, it’s make a load of noise while Helen Mirren is doing her best to portray The Queen. That’s what troupe of performers outside London’s Gielgud theatre did, and they had to deal with Mirren herself.

Fully clad in regal attire – pearl necklace, tiara and all the trimmings – Mirren stormed out of the theatre to give those pesky dancers and drummers a piece of her mind. “She was a real pro, she saved the day,’ said Mr Scotchbrook, a 43-year-old communications consultant from Buckinghamshire tolfd The Daily Mail. “The noise was really irritating, but she didn’t get ruffled on stage. In the interval I went out and tried to ask the drummers to move on, to no effect. I don’t think they realised they could be heard inside the theatre.” Mark Williams, head of marketing at festival organiser Orange Nation, said: “We are terribly upset if we caused her any distress. If she’d like to attend the festival she’d be more than welcome.”

One of the parade organisers said: ‘She stomped out and shrieked, “Quiet! I’m trying to do a play in here! People have paid a lot of money for tickets”. In the play - written by Peter Morgan - Mirren returns to her Oscar-winning performance as the Queen. The Audience depicts the Queen in conversation with the many prime ministers who have served throughout her reign.

Continue reading: Dame Helen Mirren Blasts Dance Troop For Interrupting Her Turn As The Queen

Helen Mirren

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