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'Celebrity Big Brother' Is Coming But Who's Rumoured To Be Entering The House?

Emma Griffiths Celebrity Big Brother Helen Flanagan Lil Kim Katie Waissel

The current series of ‘Big Brother’ hasn't even ended yet and we’re already gearing up for the celebrity edition. Channel 5 have announced that the summer edition of 'Celebrity Big Brother' will begin on July 28 at 9pm, with a new logo and a new house for the famous guests.

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Helen Flanagan - Helen Flanagan arrives at a train station London United Kingdom Thursday 24th January 2013

Helen Flanagan

Hey Prospective University Students, Helen Flanagan Could Be On Your Course!

Helen Flanagan

Former Coronation Street actress turned glamour model Helen Flanagan is going back to school! The recent I'm A Celebrity contestant has revealed her plans to sit A-Levels in History, Psychology and Religious Studies in a bid to land a place at university.

Helen - who is dating Manchester City striker Scott Sinclair - tells the latest issue of FHM magazine, "I want to get a degree. I never did A-levels the first time around so I'm gonna do my A-levels this year." The actress blames her riotous teenage years for standing in the way of her intellectual ambitions, "When I was 16 I guess I was just going off the rails. I used to be a really good student and then I just went off on one. I was a perfect A student and then I turned 16 and became a bit of a rebel. I think it was just hormones", she said. Often branded dumb on Twitter, Flanagan says she isn't interested what people think of her, saying, "I'm so not bothered. Things like that go completely over my head. People will write things about my boyfriend, about football, and I get really protective. Apart from that, I don't care. I'm used to it."

The full FHM photo-shoot and interview are in this month's magazine, on sale now.

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Helen Flanagan “Disgusted” At The Sun’s “Bullying” After Insensitive Gun Photos

Helen Flanagan

When the former Coronation Street actress Helen Flanagan carelessly posted a photo of herself with a gun to her head, on Twitter, The Sun newspaper were quick to lambast her actions. Flanagan came under fire when she posted the picture, just hours after news broke of the Newtown school gun massacre in Connecticut. When she realised that her actions had been so insensitive, she removed the picture. The Sun reproduced the photo on their front page, with the headline “As 26 lie dead after US school horror, Corrie’s Helen Flanagan poses with a gun to her head… BRAINLESS.”

This morning (December 20, 2012), Helen appeared on the ITV breakfast show Daybreak, to apologise for posting the insensitive snap and explain that she understood how stupid she had been. “It was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” she said and explained that she had posted the picture of herself modeling in lingerie, with a gun to her head, because she had been hungover at the time. The accompanying comment read “head f***,” in reference to how she was feeling. “It was just a completely out of context tweet, completely. I did the tweet and it was some different pictures in one and it was relating to a hangover on Monday night. And I put something like, oh head… you know, and I treated this picture completely carelessly.” When people started to react to the picture, accusing her of being insensitive, she realised her error of judgement and deleted the offending tweet.

“I deleted it straight away, I rang my best friend and I was like, “I can’t believe what I’ve just done”, and I said to her, “shall I reply to these saying how sorry I am?” And then I thought no, it will just draw attention to… what I’ve done – it’s so humiliating.’” When The Sun published the picture on the front page, Flanagan tweeted her disgust, saying “I am absolutely disgusted in this. Completely cruel. I will absolutely NOT stand for this kind of bullying.”

Helen Flanagan Criticised For Topless 'Gun' Photograph

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan, the former Coronation Street actress and model, has caused a stir after posing for a photo-shoot holding a gun to her head in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut. The Sun newspaper labelled the actress "brainless", sparking an intense debate on Twitter.

Flanagan poses in a black lacy bra while holding a pistol to the side of her head - her original Twitter post featured the caption, "Head f**k." Garrett Gloss, resident of Newtown - the location of the recent massacre in the U.S. - said, "This is plain wrong. You can't do this. It looks like she is just trying to get her name out there." The 22-year-old, who appeared on this year's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, has responded to the criticism, tweeting, "I am absolutely disgusted in this. Completely cruel. I will absolutely NOT stand for this kind of bullying (sic). Anyone who knows me knows I have the biggest heart.... I feel really chocked up that's so cruel." She later added, "I've just been crying to my bf before he left for work.... Now I am just absolutely livid. I am really worried about my mum."

The image has since been removed from Flanagan's Twitter page. 

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Helen Flanagan Shrugs Off Negative Press With David Haye At Military Awards

Helen Flanagan David Haye Ashley Roberts

Helen Flanagan, David Haye and Ashley Roberts were seen at the The Sun's Military Awards 2012 last night (November 6th 2012) which took place at the Imperial War Museum.

'Coronation Street' star Helen donned a black, long-sleeved, figure hugging dress on the red carpet which showed off her famous bust and teamed it bright pink lipstick, a pearl necklace and a nude clutch bag. Her 'I'm A Celebrity. Get Me Out Of Here!' co-star and former Pussycat Doll Ashley looked super classy in a 40s style, halter-neck, sequined gown as she posed for photos alongside her other jungle friend, Heavyweight boxing champion David Haye.

Helen was not the most liked celebrity to the 'I'm A Celeb' viewers and was frequently slated for her reluctance to take part in Bushtucker trials. In the recent post-jungle show 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! Coming out', we saw her reaction to the news of her unpopularity. 'I think what's worse actually is I'm not being funny, I'm not upset, I will be more upset if it upsets my mum so I don't want to talk about the articles because I'm not having my mum being upset', she said of the negative press. 'I think in myself I am so proud of myself because I know how far I've come.'

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Will Helen Flanagan Ever Stop Wearing Her I'm A Celebrity Bikini?

Helen Flanagan David Haye Charlie Brooks Ashley Roberts

I'm A Celebrity contestant Helen Flanagan arrived back in the UK this week, wearing the exact same bikini top that she had worn countless times in the jungle. The Coronation Street actress jetted into Manchester Airport and was snapped walking through arrivals wearing the top beneath a loose T-shirt, reports The Sun.

Helen, 22, was rarely seen in anything other than the bikini during her stint on the ITV1 show and seems to want to keep hold of the memories. At the airport, she was also photographed saying goodbye to fellow campmate Eric Bristow, giving him a hug before they went their separate ways. Former Darts champion Bristow - who finished fourth on the show - had reduced Flanagan to tears with several snide comments, though the pair appeared to have made-up by the time they touched down in the UK. After hearing how she liked to melt ice lollies and drink them, Bristow had told Helen, "You've got a fantastic diet at home. That's what's done your skin," before adding, "I'd just squeeze her head and get the pus out all in one go."

Eastenders actress Charlie Brooks was the eventual winner of the reality show, beating Pussycat Dolls singer Ashley Roberts in the final. British boxer David Haye finished third. 

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I'm A Celebrity Fans, Have No Fear! Follow Up Show Will Reveal Stars Away From The Jungle

Charlie Brooks Helen Flanagan David Haye I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

It turns out the I'm a celebrity finale, wasn't really the final show, as there'll be a lovely catch up program tonight (Dec 5th, 2012) so you can see how your favourite stars are doing now they're free from the jungle, The Mirror reports, 

The show will focus on what happened when they stumbled out of the jungle, and into the arms of their loved ones, or if you're Helen Flanagan, a massive sandwich. "It was so hard.  It was awful," Helen said as she greeted her parents' arms. "It's just such a relief to see my mum and dad.  It's just overwhelming you know." She was quick to post a picture of a healthy (in size) sandwich with fries, and, when asked to reminisce, guess what she remembered first? "I think I quite liked my simple jungle life. I didn't have to worry about anything. I got woken up, got my food delivered to me. It was very simple. It was very stress free." Yeah it was food.

Made in Chelsea star Hugo was thinking less about his stomach, and more about his girlfriend. "I'm so happy to be out," Hugo wept onto Nat's shoulder, "I've been thinking about you so much.  I tried not to but I did. For the first two weeks, every time I thought of you I was just like no, don't.  Too difficult," he cried.

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David Haye Loses 6 Kilos After Minimal 'I'm A Celeb...' Diet

David Haye Helen Flanagan

David Haye almost dropped from Heavyweight to Cruiserweight following three weeks of near starvation on jungle reality show 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here'.

The boxing champion went into the Australian Bush at a beefy 98 kilograms (that's just over 15 stone or 215 pounds for those of you still thinking in imperial units) but quickly dropped to 92 kilograms (14 stone) after living on a meagre diet of rice and beans every day. Things could've been better for the contestants food-wise if they had been successful during the first week of bushtucker trials; unpleasant challenges contestants are voted to face in order to earn food for their camp. Former Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan was repeatedly put up by the public vote to face the trials due to her extreme phobias and uncontrollable anxieties but was unsurprisingly unsuccessful in most of them meaning that her camp mates got no proper meals other than rice and beans for nearly a week. However, it wasn't immediately obvious to the female viewers out there that David's physique was being compromised and he took ample opportunity to flaunt his sexy six pack to those who tuned in. 

The sports star took to Twitter upon weighing himself and wrote: "My Jungle diet of beans & rice for 3 weeks sent me from 98kg to 92kg. Time to start eating some proper food and pumpin some serious weights!" He is still able to compete in the Heavyweight category, however, as the limit for Cruiserweight is 91 kilos.

RSPCA Confirm Helen Flanagan "Could Have Been Killed" By Ostrich

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan - the former Coronation Street actress currently appearing on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here - could have been killed by an Ostrich during a 'bushtucker trial', according to the RSPCA. The organisation says that Flanagan could have found herself in serious trouble had the bird become distressed.

Ostriches are classified in the UK as dangerous animals, though ITV were seemingly happy to put the squeamish actress into a tiny room with the bird during a challenge on November 15, 2012. According to the BBC, it had taken Helen around an hour to be convinced to go into the room while the ostrich waited inside. As she made a noise by opening the door, the animal began opening its wings before the room was plunged into darkness. Klare Kennett from the RSPCA said, "Helen chooses to go in there but the ostrich doesn't.It's a concern that these big birds are used for entertainment in this way, especially to frighten somebody. The ostrich could easily have become very stressed and hurt the contestant quite badly.It's even possible Helen could have been killed" Ostriches have a hugely powerful kick that could easily kill a human being - they can also run at more than 40mph. Nevertheless, ITV defended their decision and said it always took precautions to ensure the safety of contestants and animals. A spokesperson said: "The welfare of contestants and animals is of paramount importance to I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! and expert animal handlers are on site at all times." Quite what an "expert animal handler" could have done if the ostrich had kicked out at Flanagan remains to be seen. Klare Kennett was also unconvinced, saying, "Even if there were handlers nearby they may not have been able to get to her in time.It's taken several RSPCA inspectors to bring an ostrich under control. It's not like catching a dog."

In 2009, ITV was fined £1,672 after celebrity chef Gino D'Acampo killed and ate a rat while taking part in the show. 

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Away From That Camel Toe!

Helen Flanagan I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

The bushtucker trial failure last night, when Nadine Dorries, the disgraced Tory MP, couldn't face the 'bug burial', meant that the camp's food rations were kept to a minimum and everyone was utterly starving when Dorries and fellow 'celeb' Helen Flanagan were voted to face the next trial. Despite grumbling stomachs, we doubt either of them fancied what was on the menu: camel toe. 

Hopefully, being starving will be conducive to a win for both Helen and Nadine. But judging by Flanagan's Monday night confession, that's highly unlikely. The Daily Mail quote her saying: "I think I'll be the person who'll cry the most in the show ever. I'm really struggling. I've even been thinking of going because I just don't know if I can hack it. I'm not feeling very good to be honest. I did think this would be easier. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be... I'm dreading going back and saying I was only in there 10 seconds, but I tried. It's embarrassing and it's just humiliating. I just feel like such a wimp." 

In which case, expect plenty of tears for tonight's show in which she definitely does, at the very least, put some camel toe in her mouth and chew. That's a feat in itself. You'll have to wait until tonight at 9pm on ITV1 to see if either Helen or Nadine can cope with an enormous camel toe. We're betting not. 

I’m A Celebrity’s Helen Flanagan Quits Bushtucker Trial After 10 Seconds

Helen Flanagan Charlie Brooks

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here contestant Helen Flanagan quit her bushtucker trial after just 10 seconds on Monday evening (November 12, 2012) before threatening to walk out of the ITV1 reality contest completely.

In the Bug Burial trial, Flanagan – who played Rosie Webster on Coronation Street – was put into a coffin-style box with thousands of creepy critters. She was required to stay there for 10 minutes, but began sobbing after a matter of seconds and removed herself from the game. After failing to win any food for her fellow contestants, Flanagan said, "I want to go home," before telling the camera, "I’m really struggling. I’ve even been thinking of going because I just don’t know if I can hack it…It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. I’m dreading going back and saying I was only in there 10 seconds, but I tried." Though her fellow campers tried to hide their disdain, Eastenders actress Charlie Brooks moaned, “When she said she lasted 10 seconds, I was a bit like, that is a bit pathetic." In Flanagan’s defence, the hard-talking Tory MP Nadine Dorries fared no better, quitting her bushtucker trial after thinking a rat was biting her.

Later, Helen was all smiles again after receiving her luxury item of choice – a bottle of fake tan lotion.

Helen Flanagan Exempt From I'm A Celebrity Tasks Over Panic Attacks?

Helen Flanagan David Haye Brian Conley

Helen Flanagan could sit out of the gruelling challenges on this year's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here because of concerns over her panic attacks. The former Coronation Street star has reportedly asked to be exempt from the infamous bushtucker trials, according to The Mirror.

Flanagan was announced as part of the 10-strong team for the latest instalment of the jungle reality show, which also includes boxer David Haye and Eastenders actress Charlie Brooks. One unnamed celebrity feared they could end up doing more tasked because of Flanagan's free-pass, telling a friend, "It wouldn't be fair on everyone else as producers wouldn't want to take any chances..You have to question how many tasks she could miss." The actress wouldn't be the first to sit out of tasks, with nutritionist and television personality Gillian McKeith allowed to be exempt a couple of years ago. Helen, who played Rose Webster on Corrie for years, is reportedly getting around £150,000 for her two-week stint in the jungle and has been installed as third favourite with the bookmakers, behind Haye and comedian Brian Conley.

Flanagan, who is dating Manchester City footballer Scott Sinclair, had to briefly stop filming Coronation Street after suffering from panic attacks on-set. "I didn't know what might have caused it. I am trying to work out what triggers them," she said at the time.

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Preview: I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! Entrants Announced! Who Will Win?

David Haye Linda Robson Brian Conley Charlie Brooks Ashley Roberts Helen Flanagan

It's official! People apparently still care about I'm A Celebrity . Get Me Out Of Here! We weren't sure to be honest, but we're reliably told that some people will still be tuning into the show when the new series kicks in. ITV have just revealed the names of the ten celebrities who are going to be making the trek to the jungle down under and, boy, when they say celebrities do they mean (loosely-termed) celebrities. The show starts this weekend on November 11, so let's see who they've got in!

David Haye

David Haye

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Helen Flanagan Tuesday 30th October 2012 Specsavers Spectacle Wearer of the Year 2012 held at Battersea Power Station - Arrivals

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan - Helen Flanagan wearing a dress from her sister's collection, Jane Flanagan Couture Friday 10th December 2010 'Coronation Street' 50th Anniversary Ball held at the Machester Hilton hotel

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan - Helen Flanagan with her sister Jane Flanagan Sunday 29th July 2012 attending Jane's dress-making studio's open day. Helen watches her sister put the final touches on a Manchester Utd shirt that she has customised into a basque. Helen often wears dresses made by her sister's Jane Flanagan Couture line

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan Monday 13th February 2012 leaving No.5 Cavendish Club in London

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan and Coronation Street Friday 25th June 2010 'Coronation Street' Wedding filming on Location. Manchester, England

Helen Flanagan and Coronation Street

Helen Flanagan Tuesday 13th April 2010 Fashion Kicks 2010 held at the Lancashire County Cricket Ground - Inside Manchester, England

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan and Coronation Street - Thursday 6th August 2009 at Granada Studios Manchester, England

Helen Flanagan and Coronation Street
Helen Flanagan

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