Former popstar Heidi Range is thrilled to reveal that she is currently pregnant with her first child. She and her husband of nearly a year could not be more pleased as they have been trying to start a family since they married last year. 

Heidi Range and Alex Partakis at Cirque du Soleil press nightHeidi Range and Alex Partakis at Cirque du Soleil press night

The 34-year-old ex-Sugababe turned stage star opened up about her happy news in a new interview, explaining about she and husband Alex Partakis had been getting anxious as the months went by and didn't yield any results.

'It has been a big year for us', Heidi told Hello! magazine. 'Our wedding was amazing and then I had hoped I would fall pregnant straight away. But as each month went by I would take a test and I got used to it always being negative. So when it came back positive it was a shock. Alex was asleep and I came running into the bedroom with the stick, saying, 'Is that a cross? Am I pregnant?''

Heidi and Alex married on September 3rd 2016 in a sensational ceremony in Florence, Italy. It seems her bundle of joy could not have been conceived at a better time. She and Alex have been busy renovating their family home over the last couple of years, and so now they're determined to fill it.

'We moved into our house at Easter after spending two years renovating it and we think that was the same weekend we conceived', she continued. 'It was like it was meant to be. It was so special that it happened in our first family house together. It's made our home have this lovely feeling about it.'

After discovering that she was pregnant, the first person she told was her mother Karen who was staying with them at the time. It didn't take long before the nesting began either. 

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'I wanted to be sure before I told her so I made Alex go out to buy another test', she said. 'I gave him the stick to check this time and he told me we were having a baby. I then went downstairs and put it on the kitchen counter in front of my mum. She started jumping up and down, saying, 'Oh, my baby is having a baby!' About five minutes later we were googling prams and nurseries.'