After more than ten years together, Heidi Montag and her husband Spencer Pratt have revealed pictures of their first baby together, a son named Gunner Stone who arrived into the world earlier this month.

31 year old Heidi, a former star of ‘The Hills’, met Spencer on the show back in the noughties, and struck up a relationship that cost her her friendship with former BFF Lauren Conrad. They married in 2008, and announced earlier this year that they were expecting their first child, whom they dubbed a ‘miracle baby’, and who arrived on October 1st.

“He’ll probably be a pitcher, so when Gunner steps to the mound, he’s going to be gunning those throws down home plate,” Heidi told Us Weekly, for whom they are the cover stars as they unveil the first official pics of their newborn baby, explaining his unusual name. “If he wants to be a skier, he’s going to be gunning down those moguls. It just applies to a lot of sports.”

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“Gunner has been on my top names since before Spencer even agreed to have kids,” Heidi continued. “We went back and forth, but it just seemed like the best fit.”

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“You’re not a good parent if you’re not trying to get your son set up to potentially get a $250 million gig,” 34 year old Spencer added. “If doctors were getting paid $250 million, we’d hit the books hard, but currently that’s not the reality.”

“Probably baseball, a left-handed pitcher,” he said when asked what his sport of preference would be for his son. “I only want him to work a few days for $30 million or so. As cool as 'NFL quarterback' would be, it would just be hard for me to watch people smash my son and not run onto the field and smash them.”

Heidi and Spencer couldn’t resist getting in a little dig at their rival Conrad, who welcomed her own first baby with husband William Tell back in July this year.

“Hopefully they’re on rival sports teams,” Spencer joked. “That’s what I‘m looking forward to.”

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