Heidi Montag has named her baby boy Ryker Pratt.

The 36-year-old star and her husband Spencer Pratt - who already have son Gunner, five, together - welcomed their second child on Thursday (17.11.22), and Heidi has now taken to social media to reveal the name of her baby boy.

In a Snapchat post on Friday, Heidi wrote: "Ryker Pratt. 7.9 lbs. 21 in. Born 11:31 a.m. (sic)"

The blonde beauty and Spencer discussed possible middle names for their son in a subsequent video.

Spencer, 39, joked that she should call her son "Snap", in recognition of her fondness for the platform.

Heidi then said with a laugh: "Ryker Snap Pratt."

Heidi also opened up about her pregnancy experience on Snapchat.

She shared: "I was screaming in the hospital. It was 45 minutes later that I delivered him. So I'm really glad we came to the hospital. It was about an hour and 15-minute delivery total."

Heidi previously discussed her pregnancy journey, admitting that she was initially "shocked" to learn she was having a boy.

Heidi - who married Spencer in 2008 - said earlier this year: "I’m having a boy! Oh, my gosh.

"I did the earliest test to find out and I just felt like my doctor had the answer so I called. And I was like, ‘Hey, just wanted to check in to see if you guys got the result?’ And they were like, ‘Actually, we just got them ten minutes ago.’ So I couldn’t wait for Spencer and I was like, ‘OK, I’m ready!’ They were like, ‘It’s a boy!’ And honestly, I was so shocked."

Heidi was actually "convinced" she was having a baby girl instead.

She said: "I was going back and forth because everything felt the same as [when I was pregnant with] Gunner.

"I was like, ‘These are the exact same symptoms, the exact same thing.’ But I think for the past year I kind of thought I’d have a girl. But then when I found out it’s a boy - when the shock wore off - I couldn’t be happier because ultimately my biggest prayer was whatever would be the best for Gunner."