Heidi Montag opened up about her regrets on telling the public about her plastic surgery whilst relaxing in a Jacuzzi with Rylan on 'Celebrity Big Brother'. 

The former 'The Hills' star rose to fame following her 10 surgical procedures that she once had in the space of one day. However, looking back on media reports about her, she wishes that she had been more 'private' about the ops which included rhinoplasty, breast implants, liposuction and chin reduction. 'I kind of wish I'd never talked about it and that I'd kept it more private', she told former 'X Factor' contestant and housemate Rylan Clark whilst winding down in the house hot tub on Monday (January 7th 2013). Rylan seemed very curious about surgeries. 'So you'd had a lot of surgeries?' He asked her. 'Yeah I did, it was just when I was young. I wanted it and I just got a few things done, and then I got a few more things done', she replied.

Despite Rylan's reassuring comments that she looked 'brilliant', Heidi insisted that telling the papers 'backfired' on her and she even lost contact with her mother. 'I didn't talk to my family for two years and I never thought that would happen to me, me and my mum were like best friends growing up', she confessed. She also admitted that TV 'changed' her and reflected that, 'I should have just stood up for myself.'

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