Heidi Klum says her new Halloween costume will be so claustrophobic she may need emergency medical attention.

The supermodel, 49, who has been dubbed the ‘Queen of Halloween’ due to her elaborate spooky outfits added she is “very excited” about her latest effort, which she has promised will be her most “unexpected” to date.

She told Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday (19.10.22) about her upcoming Halloween party in New York: “I’m going to be very claustrophobic. Very claustrophobic. Very, very, very claustrophobic, but I don’t want to let my Halloween fans down, or myself.

“Because it’s an internal challenge with myself every year to come up with something amazing, something unexpected. I feel like I’ve achieved that this year, now I just really hope it works.

“Having so many prosthetics on, in the past – you go through waves. There’s moments where I’m like, ‘OK, I can do this’, and then it’s like, ‘Oh my God, get it off, get it off!’

“Because it’s essentially all stuck on you. It’s not something you can take off like a hat when you don’t feel like it anymore, and take it off – it's on!”

Heidi also joked she is going to have a emergency medic at the Halloween party in case she starts “hyperventilating” under the weight of this year’s disguise.

Three-times married mum-of-four Heidi, who has kids Leni, 18, Henry, 17, Johan, 15, and Lou, 13, said she never tries out her costume until the day of her Halloween parties.

She added: “There’s never really a trial. There’s no dress rehearsal, so, when I do it that day either it works or it doesn’t work, so I hope it works.”

Heidi has put her annual party on hold for the last two years due to the Covid pandemic and said she was looking forward to letting her hair down this October 31.

She added: “My friends, also from all over the world, come to New York. I love doing this in New York – I love LA, I live in LA, and I’ve done the party here once, but the thing is, I sit in hair and makeup in my whole look for like, 14 hours to get it done, and then here, people are like, it’s 10, 11 o’clock and they’re like, ‘Yeah, I gotta go, night-night, I gotta go to bed’.

“In New York, they really party, they’re up all night – five, six o’clock in the morning – this is more my speed! And for Halloween, I need a real night out with everyone.”

The ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge last year made a short film to mark Halloween that showed her being killed by her demonically possessed kids and husband, Tom Kaulitz – before she rose from the dead in a sequel.

Heidi, who has hosted her extravagant Halloween party since 1999, has appeared as the werewolf from Michael Jackson's ‘Thriller’ music video in 2017, Princess Fiona from ‘Shrek’ in 2018, and Jessica Rabbit from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ in 2015.

She was also a skinless ‘Hellraiser’ character in 2011, an old woman in 2013 and a butterfly the following year.

Heidi revealed in June she had already started preparing this year’s outfit, sharing a time-lapse video of a body scan being carried out by a prosthetics expert as she sat in a chair wearing a bikini top.