While most of us probably haven't even decided on what we’re wearing for Halloween this year, supermodel (and superfan of Halloween) Heidi Klum is already preparing her costume. The model is known for going all out for the holiday every year, wearing incredible costumes and hosting a large celeb-packed bash.

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On Instagram Klum teased this year’s look, posting clips of herself being covered in a slimy blue substance. ‘It's almost time for my favorite holiday! Costume prep time with the team at @prorenfx Can't wait for Halloween!’ Klum wrote.

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As fans asked for more clues as to what she was planning, Klum posted a series of vids showing her prep. In the videos the model is seen being covered from the neck down in a blue liquid by a team of helpers. In another she is then covered in a darker blue substance, which is even painted onto her face.

Heidi KlumHeidi’s 2014 Halloween costume.

‘So yucky but so worth it in the end,’ Klum caption a pic of herself covered in the blue slime. It appears the model may have been having a mould made of her body, but she was careful not to give too much away.

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Klum is famed for her hyper-real Halloween costumes and every year she throws a star-studded party to celebrate the holiday. Last year Klum was a colourful butterfly, complete with massive wings. The year before she shocked everyone by dressing as a very realistic old lady, complete with wrinkled skin and liver spots.